Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sony Sugar Coach differs

By Fred Maingi in Nairobi
 Coach Zico Otieno
Sony Sugar head coach Zedekiah ‘Zico” Otieno has differed  with the
Kenyan Football Coaches Association(kefoca) assertion that Football
Kenya Federation(FKF) should come forward  and protect their members
from frequent sackings.
 Zico said sacking and hiring is normal everywhere even in the
developed countries adding that it all depends on the terms of the
contract between the coach and the club.
 Speaking at a Nairobi hotel upon arrival from Awendo ahead of their
weekend Kenya premier League (KPL) tie against Tusker, Zico said the
Federation has no business interfering with a binding agreement
between a coach and his employer.
‘The Federation , he added, can come in if the sacked coach is not
paid his  dues or if one party fails to abide by the signed
agreement.What we need ,as  coaches is  to ensure our contracts are
binding.Both parties should agree so that when one is sacked,both
parties stands  to benefit “
 “If both parties agree on the exit clause, then I don’t see any
problem.It all depends on the terms of the agreement between both
parties.We can make a lot of noise against the employer and yet the
coach was just hired through a phone call, without any binding
contract.In the case of Sammy Omollo, it depends with the terms of his
agreement with his employers.We cannot accuse the employer and yet we
don’t know their terms of engagement” said he.
 Kefoca through Secretary General Bob Oyugi had expressed deep
concern in the manner coaches are being sacked by the Clubs without
protection from Football Kenya Federation (FKF).
Kefoca said it was the responsibility of the Federation to protect
its member Association against injustices.

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