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Veteran politician Martin Shikuku has died

By Daves Solomon in Nairobi
 The late Shikuku(Centre) in a past  demonstration in Nairobi
The former Butere MP died Wednesday evening at the Texas Cancer Centre in Nairobi's Hurlingham.

Mr Shikuku was undergoing cancer treatment. He had been admitted at the hospital for long. A family spokesman said he died at about 5.30 pm on Wednesday. Several leaders visited the hospital last evening on learning of the death.
Shikuku is one of the longest serving politicians to be alive having served in the Lancaster House.

One of Kenya's champions in the struggle for independence, Shikuku became quite popular among ordinary Kenyans, especially the poor who embraced his populist ideas that attacked Kenya's wealthy elites.
Shikuku attended Mumias Secondary School and St. Peters Seminary in Mukumu both in Western Province.

Ever since his debut in Kenya's Parliament in 1963, Shikuku has been a star figure at the Parliamentary floor for his amazing grasp of Parliamentary rules and procedures.
He was elected Member of Parliament for Butere Constituency in Western Province in 1963 before he together with his colleagues disbanded KADU to join KANU in a merger of the two parties.

Shikuku was victorious again in 1969 at the General Elections and appointed Assistant Minister in the Office of the Vice-President and Home Affairs.
But not long after this, in a vintage Shikuku Parliamentary theatric, he sarcastically referred to the Kenyatta's KANU government as "dead".

When other KANU Parliamentarians demanded that he substantiate his allegations, then Deputy Speaker of the House and Member of Parliament for Tinderet, the late Jean Marie Seroney defended Shikuku by saying his remarks were self-explanatory and needed no further substantiation.

Shikuku lost his job as Assistant Minister as a result of this. Both Shikuku and Seroney were arrested within the precincts of Parliament and placed on detention without trial.
When President Moi, came to power in 1978 after the death of President Jomo Kenyatta, he released the ailing Shikuku from detention and allowed him to proceed to Sweden for specialized treatment.

On his return to Kenya, Shikuku bounced back into politics and recaptured the Butere Parliamentary seat. President Moi appointed him Assistant Minister for Livestock Development.

Shikuku would re-emerge again in Kenya's political limelight in the 1990's with the clamour for Multi-Party Democracy in Kenya.

He teamed up with the Late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga to form Forum for the Restoration of Democracy (FORD) and was the party’s secretary General. Later Ford split into two groups, Ford Kenya and Ford Asili after Shikuku and Odinga disagreed.
Shikuku teamed up with veteran politician Kenneth Matiba in Ford Asili and he recaptured his Butere parliamentary seat in the 1992 general elections.

Shikuku and Matiba parted ways in 1997 after a disagreement.  Matiba left the party leaving Shikuku to vie for presidency. Ford-Asili did not get many votes and won only one parliamentary seat but Shikuku lost the Butere seat.

Shikuku’s controversy was not only political as in 2004, he elicited criticism from his clan when he dug a grave and bought a coffin in preparation for his death.
Shikuku was married to four wives, three of whom have passed away.

Shikuku`s death followed that of the wife of the late Kenyan Cabinet Minister,John Michuki (Josephine Michuki) who died at the Nairobi Hospital while undergoing treatment from cancer related ailment.

 How Kenyans reacted  to Shikuku and Michuki`s wife death on social media

1.Daniel Juma
Today we lost Mrs. Michuki and veteran politician Mr. Martin Shikuku. May their soul rest in eternal peace!! Shikuku had prepared for his demise by digging his own grave!!

2. Zadock Angira:VETERAN POLITICIAN Martin Shikuku dies at a Nairobi hospital where he was undergoing treatment. He fought a good fight!

3.Asaka Nyangara
Heartfelt condolences to Veteran Politician Shikuku's family. Otieno K'odera and I had an uninterrupted chat with him during the 'Saba Saba' event at Kamukunji grounds and he inspired us immensely (although we later slept that night with lo
ads of irritating tear gas in our eyes). It was also through him (and those that I met directly such as JD Akumu, Mc' Anyango, Oloo Aringo, James Orengo, Paul Muite, Gitobu Imanyara, Anyang Nyongo et all) that our inner thoughts were awakened to the second liberation in Kenya. .....and I still remember the beer that we shared at JD Akumu's residence at Muthangari gardens in Nairobi.
4.Omotto Omanyo Oliver
RIP!! Josephine Michuki and Martin Shikuku.... We loved you but God loved you more.
 5.Wilson Thuku Kariuki:RIP MARTIN SHIKUKU you played a part in the politics of our country and years after Kenyatta death, you choose his day of death to follow him. great fathers of the nation who had their good and bad as well like all of us.
 6. Dennis Itumbi
Final Journey for the People's Watchman now begins - he is being wheeled from the ward to the Mortuary at the moment...Rest In Peace Martin Shikuku

7.Shaz Sharon May he rest in peace. its sad to see prominent leaders like shikuku leave us.
 8.Tony Kago
I first wrote about the Curse of August and the calamities it visits ten years ago in the Daily Nation.
9.Eng Kodera Many moments i shared with the late (Hayati) Martin Shikuku will be forever cherished. May he rest in eternal peace. By the way the beer we shared was an emoro ( tusker export ya kitambo,
10.Vincent Achesa
veteran politician Martin shikuku is dead...R.I.P shikuku...i pass my cöndolence to the entire family
mbili mbili kama kawaida) Those were the formative years of second liberation.

11.Norbert Owino I hate the month of August!!! May the soul of Martin Rest in Peace

12. WanjikũRevolution Kenya
Rest in Peace Hon. Martin Shikuku, the original defender of Wanjikus' rights. We celebrate you and honour you as a true Kenyan son, a hero, Mzalendo Halisi!
13.Willie Mwangi
My condolences to tha family and friends of the late Minister John Michuki.This is now double tragedy for the Michuki's after the passing on of his wife.RIP Mrs. Michuki

14.Kinyuru Munuhe

Josephine Watiri Michuki, wife to the late former Environment minister John Michuki has passed on at Nairobi Hospital undergoing Cancer treatment. She has passed on 6 months after Michuki's demise. May the Almighty rest her Soul in Eternal Peace.
15.Gregory Kweyu Orlando
R.I.P Martin Shikuku, i wil 4reva remember your slogan...'nembeanga olusala ndwolo'
16.Elizabeth Layla Kimkung'
Rest in peace Mrs Michuki, we loved you but God loved you most.

 17.Daves Mwambah Dremace

 Kenya mourns the departure o the peoples voice Martin Shikuku and also goodbye to Mrs Michuki the wife to the late Michuki. surely will we always loose the prominent on Augusts? R.I.P to Our humble leader, a leader is the person who walks with you in all times and Shikuku was one.

18.Cyrus Ombati
ODM party has lost a dedicated man who is known to be the people`s champion in all aspects.

19.Maxwel Agwanda.
Josephine Michuki was a charming and likeable  nice lady we  will truly miss her.

20.Raila  Amolo Odinga
On my own behalf and that of my family, I send condolences to the family and friends of Mama Josephine Michuki

Josephine's death is a double blow to the family of the late honourable Michuki.

She was a strong and courageous woman who had shown she was capable of stepping into her late husband's shoes and provide guidance to our people on development and political issues.

I pray for the family and friends at this time of grief.

21.Kalonzo Musyoka
Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has sent a message of condolences to
the family, friends and relatives of the late Josephine Watiri Michuki
who passed on at a Nairobi hospital this morning after a long illness.

 He noted that Mrs.  Michuki’s death was a big loss not only to the
family of the late Minister for Natural Resources, John Njoroge
Michuki, but also to the nation.
 Mr. Musyoka said he was saddened by the death of Mrs. Michuki having
had come so shortly after the death of her husband.

The Vice President prayed to God to give the family strength and
fortitude during this difficult time of mourning.
He described the late Mrs. Michuki as a prominent businesswoman   who
supported many development projects not only in her Murang’a County
but also in other parts of the country.

“Mrs.  Michuki will be remembered as a committed matriarch who upheld
family values and served her community with total dedication and
devotion”, Mr. Musyoka said.

on Shikuku`s death,Kalonzo said It is with deep shock that I received the news of the passing on of former MP for Butere Hon. Martin Shikuku. I have known Shikuku for a long time as an astute and fearless debater in parliament and a freedom fighter who always championed the course of the poor and the under privileged. He was a relentless campaigner for democratic change. I worked with Hon. Shikuku in the campaign against the Wako draft in the road to giving Kenya a comprehensive constitution which gladly he lived to see accomplished. We mourn the death of a true Kenyan hero and celebrate his life accomplishments, may the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace.
Philip Kisia
My Condolences to the families of HON. JOSEPH MARTIN SHIKUKU, and Mama JOSEPHINE MICHUKI (Late Hon. Michuki's wife). Shikuku the people's watchman and Mama, Rest in Heavenly Peace. We mourn their passing and pray that their families find God's Grace and Strength at this difficult time.
MarthaKarua Jitokeze
Today I have received the news of the death of Mrs. Josephine Michuki with great sadness and sorrow. My sympathies to the late Mrs. Michuki’s family and friends. To the sons and daughters who have to deal with the loss of both parents in such a short time, I pray that God gives you grace and fortitude during this difficult moment. May your mom rest in peace…
Dave Jones Buchere Omukhwe
Interestingly Hon. Shikuku met his death on August 22, the same date that the country lost the first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and I can remember Shikuku once told us that if he happens to go to heaven and find Kenyatta there he would request God that he (Shikuku) would rather go to hell.
Joab Apollo.
It's another season again when Kenyan politicians will be waxing lyrical about the need for national healing and respect for constitution following the death of Martin Shikuku. Fake leaders!
Kibiwott Koross
Haiya late Martin Shikuku becomes a celebrity after death! Nice words pouring in now
Evans Kidero
My heartfelt condolence to the families of the Late Mrs Josephine Michuki and veteran Hon. Martin Shikuku. May the good Lord give them courage and wisdom during this difficult moment.They were patriots and Kenya will forever appreciate their dedicated and selfless service
Njeri Rugene
I remember Martin Shikuku telling Parliament that he had dug his own grave.....


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