Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mombasa youths rough up Miguna

 By Juma Bakari in Mombasa

For a third time in a row former aide to Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga (Miguna Miguna) has been roughed up by irate youths in Kenya.
This time Miguna was cornered by the youths in Mombasa, the second biggest after the Country’s capital, Nairobi on Saturday,August 25.
He was reported to have been accompanied by former Tourism Minister Najib Balala who fled the area as youths also bayed for his blood.
The first protest to his bid to market his book, Peeling Back The Mask, took place in Nakuru when he set off to launch his new book.`
A day later he was at again it in a Kisumu Hotel, an ODM’s stronghold and Raila`s home turf. He was once again rescued by the Police.
It is true that the expanded democracy accommodates many freedoms including that of expression and association.
It is however surprising to see how even in the wake of the new constitution some Kenyans are still intolerant of other people’s views.
But even with the developments, the big question now is what is the thin line between freedom of expression and National Cohesion.
So it is true that Miguna should be free in the new Kenya to popularize his book in any part of the country.
Whether the Prime Minister Odinga should rise to speak to his supporters to refrain from such acts is anyone’s guess.
What is likely to be the interpretation of all this is that Raila is not tolerant to divergent views, as seen from his followers.
We at the Peace Forum Journal we take an early advice to Kenyans to respect their constitution, which they promulgated in 2010.
It is rich in freedom of speech, association, press and leave Miguna to market his book.
But even as he does that, he should trade carefully and avoid actions that would unsettle peace of Kenyans.
We end by some of the comments made by Kenyans on the social media
1.Emmanuel Talam-Miguna should Peel Back his Pride and forget about his countrywide launches of his book. He has made his point! Ama niaje?
Pussy Riots greet Miguna Miguna tour of Mombasa!
2.Peter Opondo-A crowd is baying for Miguna's blood at Castle Royale hotel, Mombasa. He's now locked up in a room as police strategise on how to rescue him. These people attacking Miguna are only helping him to be on news! Is it too difficult to listen to a divergent view?
3. Robert Nagila-Miguna should cancel his so-called book signing tours, if you ask me, he is holding up much needed police resources!
4.James Tugee-If I were Miguna, I'd just stop this 47-County tour, or whatever it is! But, as the Swahili say, sikio la kufa halisikii dawa!
5. James Smart-I understand the coast folks who roughed up #Miguna have eloped with his trademark hat
6.Anne Kiguta-I know not how factual Miguna's mask peeling is, but a reception of stones & blows shows how intolerant we are.and that's very worrying!
7.Vincent Achesa-Do you think Miguna Miguna atatoboa kumpiga Raila? I think NO, awache kuchafulia rais sifa.pls when it comes to Voting usitupe kura yako...weka .kwa ODM
8.Miguna Miguna-.Raila Odinga cares about Raila Odinga and the larger Jaramogi family. He has been Prime Minister now for more than four years; what practical initiatives – economic, social, health, educational has he started, encouraged or facilitated in Luo Nyanza? Where is the concrete evidence that if Raila were to become President, Luos, specifically and Kenyans, in general, would see any significant difference Kwa ODM.

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