Wednesday, 31 October 2012

UN Special representative for Somalia condemns killing of another Media Practitioner

Augustine Mahiga
The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia (SRSG), Dr. Augustine P. Mahiga condemns in the strongest terms the latest killing of another media worker in Mogadishu. The latest victim is a playwright and comedian for Kulmiye News Network, Warsame Shire Awale; who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen last night in Mogadishu.
“This has been the deadliest year for journalists and media workers in Somalia” said SRSG Mahiga. The latest killing raised the number of Somali media professionals killed in 2012 to 18.
Two days ago, Mohamed Mohamud Turyare, a journalist and producer with Radio Shabelle, died as a result of wounds inflicted on 21st October when he was shot in a similar attack.
“I strongly condemn the targeted and persistent assault on Somalia’s media professionals. The world is concerned that none of these murders have resulted in conclusive arrests, investigations and due process or convictions of suspects.  We renew our offer to facilitate assistance to the Government in addressing impunity and urge the Somali public to assist the Government by providing information, which will expose perpetrators of these violent acts to law enforcement agencies” said SRSG Mahiga.
“The role of the media is paramount in fostering a democratic society and bringing lasting peace and stability” said SRSG Mahiga. “The media proved most valuable in advancing the Roadmap process, which have brought welcome change in Somalia” added SRSG Mahiga.
“I send my condolences to the family and friends of Warsame Shire Awale and to the Somali media community, which continues its service with exceptional courage, undeterred by the risks and threats associated with their profession.”

Nairobi City Stars in talks with several sponsors

By Fred Maingi
Financial constraints facing Nairobi City Stars (NCS) could be a thing of the past next season if current talks with several sponsors are anything to go by.
  Club Chairman Peter Jabuya disclosed that his club is currently engaged with high level talks with not less than three sponsors who have shown interest in taking charge of the team come next season.
   Speaking on Tuesday evening at the Nairobi Charter Hall during a poorly attended Gor Mahia fund raising in aid of purchasing a car for the club coach, Jabuya said he was confident the current financial hiccups facing the club will be a thing of the past.
    ‘I believe we are going to survive relegation.It’s my wish the team remains so that we can enjoy our future fruits with  a sponsor come next season.We are at an advanced stage with two or three partners whom I will not reveal at the moment.I can just say, so far so good “ said  Jabuya.
  The former Gor Mahia secretary said his team is capable of winning their two remaining league matches against Rangers and defending Champions Tusker FC..He said  his players were motivated    by their current performance that saw the team hold their hosts  Karuturi Sports last weekend at the Oserian grounds.
  City Stars sitting in 13th spot in the League table with 28 points  will face off with another struggling candidate Rangers FC on Saturday at the Nairobi City Stadium.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Barclays Bank unveils amateur golf series sponsorship

By Fred Maingi
 Leading financial services provider Barclays Bank of Kenya has launched a golf series dubbed Barclays Golf Circuit that is  aimed at supporting the development of the game .The event is a dress rehearsal ahead of the 2013 Barclays Kenya Open.
The Golf Circuit will kick off on November  3rd 2012.The glamour event will comprise of 13 rounds featuring 25 golf clubs countrywide. Over 2,400 golfers are expected to participate in the series which is  open to junior golfers with official Congu handicaps.
    Speaking at the launch event held at the Royal Golf Club in Nairobi on Tuesday afternoon, Barclays Acting Head of Consumer Banking Edgar Kalya said, “Golfing has always been at the heart of Barclays Bank of Kenya. The launch of the Barclays Golf Circuit is a further demonstration of our support for the game, while at the same time reinforces our commitment to communities we operate in both socially and economically through such avenues”.
   He presented a cheque of Ksh 300,000 to KGU, to go towards supporting the development of Junior Golf in Kenya. He further added that the circuit is an excellent opportunity for golfers to not only support worthy causes, but likewise provides them with opportunities to compete and network with their industry peers.
And in soccer Ranger’s Nigerian right back Emmanuel Chimaroke has cautioned his teammates to rise to the occasion and save the team from the possibility of exiting from the Tusker premier league (TPL).
    Chimaroke said the league has reached a point where friendship and loyalty will be kept aside to ensure the team remains in the lucrative league come next season.
   "Now is the time for every player to stand up to be counted.We cannot afford any more excuses because our survival  hopes is in our hands"said Chimaroke who  was one of the  many new recruits to join the  club  mid season after the departure of   more than nine first team players
"We have endured a very hard time but we showed we can still have the fighting spirit and desire to remain in the TPL.The win against Stima gave us  a lifeline  and we should not waste that opportunity"said the Nigerian import.
 Chimaroke has been outstanding in his recent matches even elbowing out experienced and former Gor Mahia defender Julius “Awilo” Owino from his position
 Indeed Rangers were facing the real possibility of  being ushered out of the top flight League on Sunday as they were losing 2-0 to Western Stima .However, the team staged a dramatic comeback to beat their hosts  3-2 to send the home fans into deep silence.The win placed them within four points of safety
"The match against City Stars for us , he added,is a do or die match for us because if we lose, it will mean that we are relegated.We have to try everything to ensure we dont go down"
Rangers are currently  in  the 15ht position with  23 points,four shy of muhoroni Youth and  five fewer than city Stars.
  Victory for them on Saturday will throw wide open the fight to remain in the elite Premier League.

Tanzania to build ultra modern African court in Arusha

Tanzania has expressed its intention to build an ultra-modern and purpose-built structure for the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights in Arusha, the northern safari capital, that will reflect justice for the whole of Africa.
Mathias Chikawe

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Mathias Chikawe revealed this in Arusha on Sunday when addressing judges of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights and the Permanent Representatives' Committee (PRC) of the African Union (AU). He said that the building will be built in Kisongo area, on the outskirts of Arusha city, and is set to put up enough space for facility to accommodate future requirement of the African court. "We're working closely with the Court to construct the permanent premises," Chikawe said, adding that the government has already identified a piece of land for the purpose."We have received the proposed concept for the architectural design sent by the court two weeks ago, and we will engage with architects to come up with a proper design that we will share with the court and the African Union authorities. As soon as we agree on the design, we will commence construction," he said.He revealed that the court had requested for a 50 hectares piece of land on which the premises should be constructed. "We are still considering that request and a decision will be made based on the needs presented by the court. And we'll also take due cognizance of the fact that the jurisdiction of the court will be extended to include criminal matters that may necessitate more staff and extensive facilities," the minister said.

The Arusha-based African court is currently operating in the buildings owned by Tanzania National Parks (Tanapa), located along the Babati highway. As part of implementing the idea, Tanzania's government and the court have established a Joint Facilitative Committee, a brainchild of President Jakaya Kikwete, to ensure the effective implementation of the host agreement, and deal with whatever challenges may arise from the implementation of the same."The first successful meeting of this Committee took place in May this year at the premises of the court. We are hopeful that through such a mechanism, the welfare of Judges, staff and those coming to perform activities of the court, will be properly discussed and improved," Chikawe said. "By agreeing to host most of the human rights institutions in Arusha, we know that we are putting our own country's human rights record under close scrutiny. This is a great challenge for us, as a government, as a country and as a people..we are prepared to face that challenge. And we believe that this is yet another important contribution we have to make to the development of the continent," he said. "If Tanzania wants to be seen and to be known as the Justice and human rights capital of Africa, we must face up to this challenge. We know that the building of an effective human rights system cannot be done overnight, and it cannot be done by bringing all the institutions in one capital, neither can it be done by one country or region alone. It must be a collective endeavor," he added.

African leaders have established the African Court to serve as the 'Palais de Justice' in Africa, and for it to discharge that mandate, it needs the support from all stakeholders, especially member states of AU. The decision was made in 1998 to establish an African Court to complement and reinforce the protective mandate of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights which is based in Banjul, Gambia. "This is because we saw value addition in the establishment of the court," the minister said. More than 14 years after the adoption of the protocol establishing the court, only 26 states, less than half of the member states of AU, have ratified the protocol. It is even more striking to note that of the 26, only five have made the declaration accepting the competence of the court to receive cases from individuals and NGOs.  (Xinhua)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Kidero endorses Raila as ODM Presidential candidate

Evans Kidero  
By Jirongo Luyali
Nairobi county aspirant for the governor's seat Dr. Evans Kidero has endorsed Prime Minister Raila Odinga as ODM presidential candidate in the forthcoming general elections.
Speaking during an ODM rally at Ndurarua grounds in Dagoretti on Sunday,October 28,Kidero  reaffirmed that Raila fought for reforms and that he is the only person who can ensure that the current constitution is implemented.
He added that Kenyans are fighting to eliminte poverty,sickness bad governance and tribalism and should he become the first governor for Nairobi,he will ensure that more schools and hospitals are built.
"I pledge that I put into place mechanisms to ensure provision of essentials services to residents of Nairobi i.e water and good roads",he said.
Kidero has asked voters to come out in large numbers and register in the coming as voters urging that this is the only way to ensure good leadership.
The rally also saw ODM parliamentary aspirants in Dagoretti John Kiarie and Simba Arati woo voters to elect them in the coming election.They urged the youth to shun violence and avoid the scenario that Kenya faced after the 2007 presidential polls.

Part 2 of Ngunjiri Wambugu on why he supports Raila Odinga for Presidency

 Ngunjiri Wambugu

Last week I started sharing five key reasons why Raila Amolo Odinga gets my vote for President in the March 4th 2013 general election. I was only able to cover two points so today I share the rest.
 Let me start with a quick run-through of my first two points. One is that the Prime Minister is the only candidate amongst the top five aspirants who is not selling ‘grievance politics’ in his campaign. Raila Odinga is not trying to manipulate ethnic fault lines, inter-community tensions and/or cultural differences amongst tribes, in efforts to win votes and/or ring-fence communities away from other candidates. In fact he is going out of his way to reach out to everyone, with one common message everywhere: ‘Kenya is One Nation made up of 40 Million Individuals of diverse backgrounds all seeking to better their lives. Such prosperity will only happen if all these Kenyans Unite beyond their tribes, gender, religion, age-groups, etc and work together harmoniously towards the achievement of Vision 2030’.
 The second reason was the Constitution. Hon Raila Odinga has made a commitment to fully implement Kenya’s new Constitution; a commitment that even his worst enemies find undisputable. Actually he is the only candidate who has made implementing the constitution a key plank of his campaign. He is also the only candidate who has not been linked with attempts to amend it so far.
 Now to my other three reasons.
 Raila Odinga is a fervent adherent of the gospel of Vision 2030. In his campaign he has assured Kenyans that the 10 years of his government (2013 to 2023) will see a strengthening of the infrastructure initiated under President Kibaki. He will achieve this through increased budgetary allocation as well as an improved policy and regulatory environment to attract private sector participation. It should be noted that it is under his tenure as Minister of Roads that Vision 2030 flagship projects like the Thika Super Highway were initiated, despite great resistance from unscrupulous developers who had encroached on road reserves.
 Still on the economy Raila promises that his government will construct a modern, electric, international standard gauge, high speed railway system to link key cities and towns along the Northern Corridor for rapid transit of passengers and bulky goods. This will also protect our roads and lower costs for businesses. He has also promised to develop a light railway transport network for Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu to ease traffic congestion in these cities. He says he will also complete the three international Airports due in Lamu, Isiolo and Lokichogio as well as address the high electricity tariffs to the manufacturing industry so that Kenyan goods can be competitive locally and abroad. Raila’s government also promises to look at ways of exploiting alternative sources of energy, including the power capacities of bagasse, solar, wind, coal and bio-gas.
 The fourth reason my vote will go to the Prime Minister is because of his plans for the youth. He has promised to restructure the Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) into the Kenya Industrial and Enterprise Development Agency (KIEDA). This new agency will operate fully-fledged industrial and enterprise development incubation hubs in each county for promising investments; hubs where specialized skills to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises can be imparted in addition to being networked with the Youth Enterprise Development Fund and various microfinance Institutions providing credit to youth-driven enterprises. As far as I am concerned this is the most sustainable solution to youth economic empowerment I have heard from all the candidates with most of the others sounding like ‘short-term political-campaign’ sales pitches!
 My fifth reason for supporting Team Raila Odinga is that he is the only candidate thinking of Kenya’s weak and vulnerable. He promises to make the National Social Health Insurance Scheme a reality so that all Kenyans can access basic health services. He promises to improve on the current free education system so that there is universal access for all (plus teacher’s terms are improved sustainably). Having suffered human right abuses he plans to establish a Human Rights Tribunal to tackle human rights abuses and he even promises to establish a universal pension scheme where every Kenyan aged 65 years and over will be entitled to a monthly pension of not less than Sh 2,300!
 There are a multitude of other reasons for supporting Prime Minister Odinga for President 2013, including his promises on political and land reforms, etc. However the above 5 are enough for me to join Team-Raila, especially because no one else has anything close.
 That is why I conclude with a challenge to Team Uhuru; Team Kalonzo; Team Ruto; Team Musalia, etc. Could you share with Kenyans at least 5 reasons why your candidate should be President in 2013 (apart from the size of his tribe)? Can we debate the merits/demerits of the next President's promises, rather than how big/small their tribe is? 
Or is the size of ones tribe the only way your candidate has any chance of winning?

Tusker Premier league thrown wide open following Tusker`s defeat

By Fred Maingi
Gor Mahia  “Green  Army” erupted to song and dance  on Sunday evening following their 1-0 triumph over defending Tusker Premier League(TPL) champions Tusker in a tension and action packed clash staged before a packed Nairobi City Stadium.
    The match was graced by Kenya Prime Minister Hon.Raila Odinga, Football Kenya Federation(FKF) Chairman Sam Nyamweya, and Kangundo member of Parliament Johnstone Muthama among other sports dignitaries.
    The victory was widely received by Gor Mahia  supporters  who took to the Nairobi Streets after the final whistle.They brought business at the nearby Burma market and the surrounding areas to a standstill.
    Uganda import Dan Sserunkuma  goal in the 16th minute brought down the roof with a rasping shot from almost 30 metres that caught unaware  Tusker custodian Bonface Oluoch.The goal slipped from his hands  but he was late  by few seconds in parrying the ball out of the line with the second lines women Dorcas Wanza  indicating it was a goal.
     The win now places Gor on top of the  summit with 55 points, one point ahead of second and third placed Tusker and AFC Leopards who are tying on 54 points.
    The tension packed thriller saw Tusker make early substitution by resting Joseph Emeka  and introducing lively Joshua  Oyoo  who brought a lot of impact in the match.
   Tusker started making inroads  and ten minutes later, Gor Mahia  sensed danger by bringing  in David Owino  for towering Donald  Mosoti to contain Tusker pressure. Gor secured two corners against  their opponents  three before the breather.
     Gor Mahia came close to scoring in the 65th minute when Edwin Lavatsa shot at the waiting hands of Tusker custodian(Bonface Oluoch) while Tusker could have levelled the score on 93rd minute when Jockins Atudo from a sumptuous  corner by Humphrey Okoti blasted over the bar with a yawning net smiling at him.
  Both teams made several substitutions with Tusker introducing Joseph Mbugi, David  Nyanzi for exhausted Patrick Kagogo and Dennis Mukaisi. Gor rested Joseph Njuguna and Moses  Otieno and brought in Kevin Omondi and Moses Otieno in the second half.
       Tusker coach Robert Matano said he has not given up the title adding that there  were two more matches that can decide the League title.
   His  Gor counterpart Dravko Logarusic said he was delighted by the win but said  the League title was still open to the top three  teams in the radar.

In other matches,the clash between Chemelil Sugar and Muhoroni Youth was postponed in the 25th minute owing to heavy rains. The match according to referee Dan Ongidi will be replayed on Monday October 29th at Chemelil Sports complex from 11am.Both team had tied 0-0 .
   At the Afraha Stadium,Ulinzi Stars  were held to a  1-1  draw by visiting Thika United.Thika  took an early barely after two minutes through top hit man  Kepha Aswani  before James Mulinge  equalised for the Military soldiers  on 17th minute from the spot.
   At the Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega,Rangers  came from two goals  down to defeat match favourites Western Stima  3-2

Tanzanian Parliament to ratify Kiswahili protocol

The Tanzanian Parliament is scheduled to ratify a protocol on the establishment of the East African Kiswahili Commission on Thursday, a senior official said.

 Speaking on the phone on Saturday, Deputy Minister for Information Youth, Culture and Sports Amos Makalla said of the three East African countries which signed the protocol, only the Kenyan Parliament has ratified it. The Tanzanian and Ugandan parliaments are yet to pass the protocol for the establishment of the commission to be headquartered in Zanzibar. During a recent meeting with officials, Parliamentary Committee on Social Services Chairperson Margaret Sitta said for Tanzania, the sections that may need to be amended is the organizational structure of the commission.

Burundi and Rwanda have already placed their requests with the EAC secretariat to work for the promotion of Kiswahili as the region's lingua franca, but will have to wait until when the initial signatories of the protocol -- Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda ratify it, Makalla said. Kenya ratified the protocol way back in 2010, he said, adding that it is high time Tanzania also passed the protocol. The parliamentary committee met recently with high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports as well as other stakeholders to discuss the protocol.

Apart from developing the Kiswahili language, the commission is also expected to create jobs, commodities amongst Kiswahili speaking people in the East African region and beyond, the deputy minister said. "The commission will as well be tasked to ensure it develops the language as the leading medium of communication in East Africa, " he said. Kiswahili analysts said it is expected also that the commission will encourage teaching of the language at all levels of education besides fostering trade.In Tanzania, the process to prepare the protocol started in 2008 where stakeholders have been engaged in various stages to make it an inclusive organ.Once it kicks off, one of the sectors that are likely to benefit tremendously would be the audiovisual media, Kiswahili analysts said.Filmmakers in the East African region have been advocating for the use of Kiswahili and the translation of other regional films from their native languages to Kiswahili in order to tap the regional market potential. (Xinhua)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

KPL to be decided in the last day after Leopards climb to the summit

By Fred Maingi
The Tusker Premier League(TPL) could be determined during the last day after third-placed  AFC Leopards  climbed to the  summit after defeating relegation bound Oserian 3-1 in a  thrilling match beamed live by pay television Supersport channel 9 east at Oserian grounds.
    AFC  Leopards are now tying  with defending Champions Tusker FC  on 53 points. The League standings is set to change hands on Sunday(today) when  Tusker face off with Gor Mahia in  the top clash touted as the title decider at the Nairobi City Stadium.
    It took 15 minutes before either team’s register a score. Ben Barasa struck home in the 8th minute to put the Flower-men ahead, but their celebrations were cut-short with Mike Barasa’s brilliant equalizer in the 12th minute.
Two minutes later, Bernard Mang'oli doubled the lead with a sterling free-kick before the hosts were reduced to ten-men, following the dismissal of skipper Franklin Osama for a second bookable offense in the 47th minute.
   In the 85th minute, a close range strike from veteran midfielder Charles Okwemba killed the game off, intensifying Oserian's relegation woes.
Leopards are now level on points [54] with league leaders Tusker, but edged out on goal superiority.
   A last minute header by Mathare United captain Anthony from Lloyd Wahome free kick saved his side from sharing the spoils with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) in a thrilling Tusker premier League match (TPL) staged at the Nairobi City Stadium.
    It was a bitter pill to swallow for the Bankers who fought hard in the entire match but could not cope up with the pace in the dying minutes.

     The results put’s Mathare United on seventh  with 38 points while KCB is eleventh with 33 points, from 28 matches.
  In another match,Sofapaka hopes of finishing the Tusker Premier League (TPL) among the top three suffered a major setback after they were held to a 2-2 by visiting Sony Sugar   in an early kick off tie staged at the Nairobi City Stadium.
    The 2009 Champions took the lead barely after five minutes through former Mathare United left winger Joseph Nyaga who completed a nice cross from “old horse” John Barasa.
  The lead changed hands in the 44th minute when the Sugar millers leveled the score through Ismail Dunga after controlling superbly Wycliffe Nyagechi’s cross before planting the ball home past David Okello in Sofapaka goal for a 1-1 tie before halftime.
  Towering Sofapaka midfielder Humphrey Mieno extended his team’s lead with the second goal after heading home George Owino’s cross. In the 60th minute,Dunga raised  the bar  yet again when he  equalized from close range with a rasping shot.
  Sony Sugar coach Zedekiah ‘Zico”Otieno said he was happy that his players were able to absorb the pressure from the home team saying a  draw was a fair outcome.
    His Sofapaka counterpart Stewart Hall said he was not amused with the results since his  strikers have maintained the tradition of creating many chances and wasting all of them.He promised to  sharpen his attack in the remaining two matches.
    Sofapaka remains fourth with 45 points while Sony  climbed from position ten to ninth with 35 points. both have played 28 games.
  In other matches,Karuturi Spprts  were held to a barren draw by Nairobi City Stars at Oserian grounds .

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Naivasha businessman James Mungai joins race for Nakuru Senatorship

By Ann Kaguma

Naivasha businessman James Mungai has joined the race for the post of Senator in Nakuru County.
The trader who runs Maycorn Company that produces maize flour and animal feeds announced his candidature during a colorful ceremony in Ndabibi Naivasha.
During the prayer meeting, Mungai identified the resettlement of IDPs in the region as the biggest challenge facing the County.

Other areas he identified were unemployment among the youths, poor working conditions in the flower farms and the poor road work in the County.
Mungai who is vying for the seat on a TNA ticket said that it was sad that five years after the post election violence there were some people living in camps.
He noted that there were fears that the IDPs could be forgotten if they were not resettled ahead of the general elections.
“It’s sad that we have IDPs in camps at this time and we urge the government to be humane and resettle them before parliament goes on recess,” he said.
Mungai revisited the poor working conditions in flower farms around Naivasha noting that it was time their plight was addressed.
He promised that if elected as a Senator he would make sure that the issue of payment, working conditions and job security was addressed.
“Naivasha is proud for the flowers it produces but unfortunately the people behind this have nothing to show for it,”
He decried the poor road network in the agriculture rich area, lack of water and lack of jobs among the youths as the biggest challenges facing the County.
“This County is very sensitive all the leaders should preach peace ahead and after the election so that we don’t have a repeat of the 2007 violence,” he said.
The chairman Kikuyu council of elder Naivasha district Daniel Kigochi said that they had embarked on involving youths in peace.
“The post election violence was a big lesson to us and we are committed to peace in this region and we are united with other communities,” he said.

All is set for the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

 By Fred Maingi
All is set for the annual  10th edition of the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon  set for Sunday(tomorrow) from Nairobi’s  Nyayo National Stadium.
  The event to be graced by several Kenya member of parliament  has attracted over 19,000 participants  including thousands of foreigners .

 Reuben Mbindu, the Chairman of the National steering committee said that Kenyans had turned out in big numbers to register for the marathon. Manual registration closed on 21st October, 2012 while online registration was extended to 24th October 2012.
“We are very excited to have had such a huge number of people registered and we are grateful to all the corporate and individuals who have made a stand by registering for this year’s marathon. For every registration we have had, more children will benefit by having a life changing operation that will have them regain their sight and live a normal life. We anticipate to raise atleast KShs.19 million towards Seeing is Believing.,” added Mbindu.

“I would like to thank you all ,added Mbindu,and on our part, we will ensure that we once again deliver an exceptional event that will exceed Kenyan’s expectations while profiling our city to the world.
With the registration behind us, right now all our focus is on delivering a world class marathon and ensuring we achieve the objectives of this event. Right now we are doing final touches as we prepare for the big event tomorrow, Sunday 28th October 2012.”

“I would like to urge all runners to keep time, cooperate and follow the laid out traffic routes to avoid inconvenience and to ensure a smooth and successful event.

The Samaj Community deals mainly with helping the community, education sector

All proceeds from the Nairobi Marathon have always gone towards ‘Seeing is Believing’ a Standard Chartered Bank Charity aimed at tackling avoidable blindness. Last year, KShs16 million was raised and went into funding cataract operations and Trachoma intervention projects across the country.

Friday, 26 October 2012

All is set for Sunday`s crucial Gor-Tusker clash

By Fred Maingi
All is set for Sunday's crucial tie pitting hosts Gor Mahia and defending  League champions Tusker FC at the Nairobi City Stadium.
  Arrangements for the big clash that might determine the team that clinches this years  League title have been finalized after a high level security meeting held at the City Stadium on friday morning.
    The meeting was chaired by Football Kenya Federation(FKF) Chairman Sam Nyamweya and attended by Kenya Premier League(KPL) CEO Jack Oguda and senior police officers from Makongeni and Industrial area police station as well stadium officials and other security organs.
According to George Bwana ,Gor Mahia’s Secretary General only 12,000 tickets will be sold, costing  Ksh 500 for VIP section and Ksh 200 for the terraces.
The tickets go on sale from Friday(today) through the official ticketing agent Wells Fargo at various outlets.
  The selling points including a Wells Fargo security vans parked at Kenya Cinema, 20th Century, City Stadium ,Kibera D.O camp, Koinange Street, Buru Buru Shopping center ,and at the Kenol/Kobil petrol station along Lusaka road .
  There will be no ticket sales at the stadium on the match day ,so fans are advised to ensure that they purchase tickets early.
Due to security reasons no vehicles will be parked inside the stadium ,and all fans will be screened on entry and gates open early at 10.00 o’clock and close 15 minutes to the game.
Fans have been advised to cheer their teams responsibly and ensure that they don’t invade the pitch after the match.
     "As a federation ,we laud Gor Mahia club officials for their civic education to their fans during their recent matches since no ugly incidents have occurred" added Sam Nyamweya.

Uganda`s FUFA given nod by Kampala court to run football affairs

By Fred Maingi

Federation of Uganda Football Association(FUFA) has received a sigh of relief  after a Kampala  court dismissed a case lodged by  a one Zubairi Galiwango who wanted the current executive  to be thrown out.
    Galiwango sought Nakawa High court intervention  arguing that the term of  the  current officials led by Chairman Lawrence Mulindwa had expired.
The case was dismissed on grounds that the application was invalid. However, Galiwango insists that he will appeal.

Galiwango insisted  FUFA executive had extended their mandate in office  adding that their continued stay in office is illegal, null and void. He said the defendants ceased to be executive members of FUFA when the general assembly of FUFA was dissolved on August 25th, 2012.

   Fufa executive  comprise of  Mulindwa,  Anthony Kimuli, Moses Magogo, Livingstone Kyambadde,Chris Kalibbala,Patrick Egwal,Mujib Kasule,  Issa Magoola, Edgar Watson Suubi and FUFA super League ltd.

Galiwango wanted the entire federation disbanded to pave way for fresh elections adding that the  current team was involved with alleged acts of forgery and fraud .

He wanted court to issue a permanent injunction order restraining the defendants from holding the said offices.

  Mulindwa  was backed  by a  strong legal team that included lawyers Evans Ochieng, Ambrose Tebiasa and Alex Luganda of Ochieng, Harimwomugasho &co advocates .They pleade with the court to dismiss the case on grounds that the plaintiff's application is invalid and that the Nakawa high court had no jurisdiction to handle the case.

  According  to the complainant, FUFA delegates amended their constitution which dissolved all components that constitute the integral parts that form the embattled federation.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

AFC Chairman says he will not attend stakeholders meeting as Gor claims they will not miss Rama Services

Leopards Chairman Ole Magelo
By Fred Maingi
The recent move to bring together the warring AFC Leopards parties has elicited mixed reactions from concerned parties with club Chairman Alex Ole Magelo terming the  move as long overdue but insisting outstanding  issues must first be resolved if  the idea is to gain any credence
 Reacting to a move by AFC Leopards supporters to organise a  one day stakeholders  convention to bring together key stakeholders and wrangling factions,Magelo said  it will be pointless to sit down with somebody who has been fighting the club and stabbing from all directions including going to the bank and swindle money.
  ' As much as i thank the  convenors of the convention planned for November 17 at the Bomas of Kenya,let me point out that i will not be part of that meeting unless it sits  down and come out with disciplinary measures on people who have been stabbing  the club  to an extend of stealing money from the club's  account. How  can i  sit with a  thief, a person who is not bringing value to the club ? That show's  i'm condoning thieves to steal from the same club i swore to protect and serve?" wondered Magelo.
   The meeting, he added,  should address issues that have arisen like the disappearance of funds from the club accounts and recruitment of  members and how  to revamp the team to win our remaining League matches" stated Magelo.
  He said  it was pointless  to be party to a meeting with people who have previously sought to undermine the well being of the club.
The  chairman opined that  the most important thing from the club right now was to ensure the playing staff and the technical bench were in the right frame of mind as they seek to win the league
The club is three points off the league leaders Tusker with three matches to play
“We do not want the team to be distracted by boardroom matters.We want them  to be fully focused on winning the Kenya Premier league which is something all our fans and supporters want to see them do”he Observed.
    Leopards form in the league suffered a  major slump from a  club fan  Semi Aina that culminated in court cases that rendered the running of the club difficult .Magelo was categorical that Aina must come clean before  every issue is  ironed out.
“I cant sit down with a person(Aina)who single handedly frustrated the club and resulted in poor performances from the team which has left us playing catch up to win the league instead of being the front runners”he said
Leopards face oserian on Saturday in a match where victory might take them to the top of the table at-least for 24 hours until Gor Mahai and Tusker clash at city stadium on Sunday
And Gor Mahia says it will not  miss the services of their creative forward Rama Salim when they host defending Champions Tusker on Sunday  at the City Stadium.
Team Captain Jerim Onyango disclosed on thursday morning that  the club has a galaxy of talented players who can fill the void.Salim is on suspension for picking five consecutive yellow cards.
  Speaking at the Nairobi City Stadium after the morning training session, Onyango said as much as they are going to feel his absence, the club can move on since they have over 30 players  in their stable.
  ''We have players like George Midenyo, Edwin Lavatsa, Moses Odhiambo  and  Ali  Abondo who can play in his position.There is no cause for alarm.I'm just calling upon our fans to attend sunday's match against Tusker in large numbers" said he.
   However, the team captain confirmed that the  club Chairman Ambrose Rachier was touched by players  plight by paying  them last month salary from his pocket.
  Onyango on a sad note said if the  club lose to Tusker, it will be the  end of everything.'We need to win sunday's match at all costs despite the salary issue.We shall focus on the match and put the salary matters  aside.Tusker is  a good  side.We respect them.We have prepared well for the match.I just hope it will not rain .I'm calling on soccer fans to turn up in large  numbers and cheers  up  otherwise if we lose the match, it will be the end of everything since our morale will sink down"

Gor now hire Wells Fargo Security Services as AK receive cash boost

By Fred Maingi
Gor Secretary:George Bwana
Gor Mahia have engaged the services of Well Fargo security services  to handle their ticketing starting with this weekends crucial Tusker Premier League(TPS) tie against defending Champions Tusker FC.
  Club secretary George Bwana confirmed that Wells Fargo  will handle only this weekends clash.The club will print their own tickets and hand them over to  the security farm to sell.
  Bwana  however declined to state why they have taken the new decision and yet they haver a  contract with Ticket Masters.
    Club Chairman Ambrose Rachier also  confirmed the new  deal in a  text message  saying  they have  contracted the security firm to handle the exercise this  weekend.
    AFC Leopards  have a  contract with the firm, an exercise that has been going on smoothly until when court cases cropped up that blocked the club officials  from accessing money.However, the club managed to iron out their differences with the Well fargo  after  they opened new accounts aftee  a previous account was rendered frozen owing to court injunction.
  Gor Mahia who have a contract with Ticket Masters(TM) have raised concern  accusing the latter of not accounting their gate collection in a transparent manner.
  The club players recently accused the club management and sponsors Tuzo Milk for failing to honour their  obligations with a  pending two months salary.
    Team captain Jerim Onyango however told  our writer that  the club Chairman(Ambrose Rachier) went out of his  way by paying players last month salary from his pocket after the club sponsors failed  to honour their obligation.
The tickets for this weekends match will retail at Kshs.500 shillings for the main stand (VIP) then those for the terraces (Russia) will be sold at 200 shillings.
Meanwhile he Kenya cross  country series has received a major boost  after Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) renewed  their sponsorship package for Athletics Kenya (AK) to the tune of KSh10.6 million.
  KCB chief Executive officer  said  after handing over the plum cheque to AK officials"  “We are happy to sponsor the national cross country series and we look forward to unearthing new talents this year. Kenyan athletes have dominated the world stage over the years and this has been our biggest inspiration,” he added.
  The monies will go towards Prize money of the seven series, administrative costs and on the ground publicity campaigns.
 Otieno said KSh5.3 million will cover prize money of the seven events in the series while Sh4 million will go towards advertising and on the ground publicity.
He said the remaining Sh1.6 million will be invested in the national cross country-cum-trials slated for February next year. Oduor said the bank has been committed to nurturing of Kenya athletes for the past six years and look forward to another competitive series starting on November 3 in Nyahururu.
AK President Isaiah Kiplagat thanked the bank for their continued support in athletics. “I would like to thank the bank for their continued support in cross country for the past couple of years,” he noted.
Winners in every leg of the series will earn Sh21,000 with the tenth placed finisher pocketing Sh1,000 . However the winner at the national cross country championships will go home Sh50,000 richer.
The series has a Sh1.2m jackpot to be shared among the four categories thus —Senior men 12km, Senior women 8km, Junior men 8km and Junior women 6km. Kiplagat said the athletes will score points at every leg and the winner will be announced at the national trials. 
The AK boss said Kenya will be going flat out to win the eight titles on offer at the World Cross Country Championships to be held in Bydgoszcz, Poland in March