Friday 24 August 2012

AU,Senegal sign agreement for prosecution of ex-Chadian president

Ex Chad President Habre
The Senegalese government and the African Union (AU) have signed an agreement for the prosecution of Chad's ex-president Hissene Habre who has been
in exile in the Senegalese capital since the fall of his regime, an official source has said.

The agreement which was signed in Dakar on Wednesday, provides for the creation of a special African division within the Senegalese judiciary, to handle international crimes
like those that were committed in Chad under Habre's regime between 1982 to 1990. After the signing of the agreement, the Senegalese Justice Minister Aminata Toure said
there "were no more obstacles" for the kick-off of the prosecution and that the recruitment of the judges will begin soon.

In July, Senegal accepted a request from the AU to prosecute Habre in Dakar, before a special court within the Senegalese judicial system. The country also agreed that the
special court will be presided over by African judges appointed by AU. The ex-Chadian president, aged 70, is accused of committing crimes against humanity. Various Chadian
groups have indicated that during his regime, 40,000 people were killed. A budget of about 15 million U.S. dollars has been drawn up but according to the Senegalese justice
minister, the hearing of the case will begin with the available resources as the country awaits the contribution of the international community.  (Xinhua)
Meanwhile three miners were killed and two others seriously injured early Thursday in a landslide in a gold mine at Rugoma in the Burundian northwestern province
of Cibitoke, the governor of Cibitoke told Xinhua by phone on Thursday.

"The landslide occurred at about 04:00 when the miners were guarding gold extracted on Wednesday before preparing it for sale later in the day," said Cibitoke Governor
Anselme Nsabimana. According to the governor, three died immediately and two others were seriously injured and evacuated to Rugombo Hospital at Cibitoke chief town.
Governor Nsabimana said that other two miners were unharmed. He said those miners were pupils who were seeking money to pay for school materials and school fees for
the upcoming 2012-2013 school year beginning in September.  (Xinhua)

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