Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ahlu Sunna rejects new Somali Parliament

Ahlu Sunna administration in central Somalia regions has expressed its opposition to the newly inaugurated Somali parliament, saying that the group was not considered during the selection process. In an exclusive interview with Bar-kulan, the group’s Advisory Committee Chairman Omar Sheikh Abdikadir lamented that his group was not included in selection of this new parliament.
Abdikadir also lambasted on Somalia’s presidential aspirants vying for the country’s top seat in the upcoming presidential election, accusing them of being selfish and that they will not bring change for Somalis.
His sentiment comes at a time when Somalis and the international community are praising the steps taken forward in ending the transition including the inauguration of the new parliament, adoption of the new provisional constitution and the upcoming presidential elections.
In Uganda all seven UPDF soldiers who died in the three choppers that crashed on Mt. Kenya last week were this week  laid to rest in different parts of the country even as controversy continued to shroud the calamity. The mood was sombre and tears of agony flowed even as words in praise of the fallen servicemen were said at different burial sites as the mourners paid last tributes to the victims.
In Arua, the air force commander, Lt. Gen. Jim Owoyesigire, again eulogised Capt. William Spear Letti as one of the most experienced and hardworking pilots in air force. But the burial was overshadowed by controversies over where exactly to lay the officer to rest. Two graves were dug, one at the home of his father and the other on his mother’s land.
The army finally relied on his will in which Capt. Letti had indicated that he would be buried at his mother’s place in Bunyu Village in Oluko Sub-county, Arua District. Gen. Elly Tumwine told mourners at the burial of Lt. Patrick Nahamya in Akakoma Village in Rushere Parish, Kensunga Nyabushozi, that incidents like plane crash should not scare parents from sending their sons and daughters to join the army.
By Our Reporter and Daily Monitor of Uganda

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