Monday, 2 September 2013

Political activist seeks asylum alleginng threats

Political activist seeks asylum alleging threats
A NAIROBI political activist is still in hiding four months after the March 4th 2013,general election over her alleged role in polls. The activist, Sharon Akinyi was forced to go into exile after her stand in the last polls which saw her support a Nairobi politician  who contested but lost a parliamentary  seat on Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket.
It started with frequent raids at her Nairobi’s South B house by unknown attackers she believes were sent by the politician and who left a note threatening her of the dire consequences if she did not reconsider her political stand.
Fearing for her life, Akinyi with assistance from friends relocated to Sweden where she has been living to date. According to her neighbours in South B, the attackers have not relented in pursuing the activists as they are occasionally spotted around the home.
Speaking on the phone, Akinyi said she is grateful to the neighbours whom she said helped her sneak from the Country “Were it not for my neighbours in Nairobi I would have been dead, the attackers were determined to eliminate me because of the candidate I chose to support,” said Akinyi.
According to Akinyi, the matter was reported to Kayole Police Station. She says police have been taking her in circles saying investigations are on going but up to now no arrest has been made.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Slum Dwellers incorporated in the world urban campaign

By Jeff Kizzilah

UN-Habitat has signed a memorandum of Understanding with the global network of slum and ‘shark dwellers’ an organization well known as Slum International [SDI] to develop a premier policies platform in upgrading slums across Africa.

Presiding over the signing the agreement  during the urbanization conference at UN-Habitat headquarters in Nairobi, UN-Habitat executive Director Joan Claus said, its time for cities around Africa looks forward at current and future challenges, involves multiple actors and the community in a spirit of sharing and learning for the reason that no city can address the challenges of slums without the right policies, and for the project to succeed they need a well designed collaboration with government,.

He said, the importance of  collaboration with Slum Dwellers International, is because they encompass experiences most governments don’t advocate, and have failed unto, he further said that, the SDI have for a longtime represented the voices and interests of the urban poor, in engaging the slum dwellers as ‘city changers’.

Dr.Claus said, according to the World Urban Campaign (WUC) a global network to partner to public, private and social sectors working together to share information and best practices to achieve resilient, sustainable urban communities worldwide, the Slum Dwellers International has got a unique makeup and tireless efforts to create exclusive approach in promoting participatory processes, by bringing the urban poor to the forefront of shaping the global urban agenda.”

Dr.Claus was accompanied by, Slum Dwellers international president Jock Arputhan who expressed their enthusiasm for the UN-Habitat continuing collaboration as a campaign platform, Jock said, “Our main interest is to raise awareness on urban issues, improve integrations with the poor communities and give the voice to the poor living in the slum in a positive manner with solutions to urban challenges.”

Friday, 14 December 2012

Media urged to respect Mandela`s privacy

South Africa's presidency has urged the media to respect former president Nelson Mandela's privacy as he receives treatment for a lung infection at a Pretoria hospital.
The Presidency made the statement on Thursday as crowds of reporters camped outside the 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria to get the first-hand information about Mandela's condition.  Mandela has been hospitalized since Dec. 8. Athough the government has never identified the hospital where Mandela is staying, the media have focused their attention on the 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria."We have noted media speculation about the hospital at which former President Mandela may be receiving medical attention," the Presidency said in a statement."Mandela is being treated at a Pretoria hospital as said from the first statement we issued," the statement said. "We have refrained from disclosing the hospital in order to ensure privacy and also to allow doctors space to do their work of caring for Madiba without interruptions or undue pressure,"it added.The Presidency said Mandela is being treated for a lung infection and is well-looked after by a competent medical team. "While we understand the interest in the story, we urge the media to respect the former President's privacy." In an earlier statement, the Presidency said doctors had concluded tests on Mandela, and the tests revealed a recurrence of a previous lung infection.  Mandela was being treated accordingly and he was responding to the treatment, the Presidency said.

This is not the first time that Mandela was hospitalized in the past two years. In January 2011, he was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital for an acute respiratory infection. In February this year, he spent a night in a hospital for a minor diagnostic surgery to determine the cause of an abdominal complain. Mandela turned 94 on July 18 this year. His health has been a focus of concern.  Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years during apartheid, was elected the country's first black president in 1994.

Meanwhile President  Jacob Zuma on Thursday unveiled a giant statue of former president Nelson Mandela, paying tribute to Mandela's contribution to "a united, non-racial, non sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa."

The statue was unveiled on Naval Hill in Bloemfontain as Mandela was receiving medical treatment for a lung infection at a Pretoria hospital. Zuma described the statue as a tribute to a tortuous path the South African people traveled from oppression, through the struggle for liberation, to democracy in 1994 and to the progress being made to undo the legacy of many years of oppression, injustice and indignity for the majority of South Africans. "The statue is our efforts to strengthen reconciliation, nation building, social cohesion and national healing that Madiba always stood for in all his life.Guided by the mandate of the African National Congress (ANC) to seek and work for equal rights and opportunities for all South Africans."

Mandela has made it his life's work to lead and guide the people out of oppression, discrimination and economic suffering, Zuma said. Mandela is a humble person; a principled leader whose life of selfless dedication to the cause of equality, freedom and dignity for all continues to be a source of inspiration to all South Africans and indeed to all of humanity, said Zuma. The statue stands seven meters high, towering above the landscape overlooking Bloemfontein whose name has been changed to Mangaung.   On Mandela's conditions, Zuma said Mandela remains in a Pretoria hospital where he is being treated for a lung infection. "We have assured him of the love and support of all South Africans during his hospitalization," Zuma said. (Xinhua)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mali PM resigns as Mandela is reported to be suffering from lung infection

Prime Minister Cheick Modibo Diarra of the transitional Malian government announced resignation and dissolved the cabinet early Tuesday, state TV reported.
Announcing his resignation on TV earlier Tuesday, Diarra said, "I apologize to all Malians who suffer because of the crisis." He also expressed thanks to all the ministers of his government and their employees. He said he wished success to the new full government which will be formed. The PM's resignation followed his arrest by the military. .
Military sources said Diarra was arrested earlier Tuesday by troops supportive of ex-coup leader Amadou Sanogo.
The prime minister was preparing to travel to Paris late Monday for medical examination when he was detained, the sources added.
Diarra, who had been acting prime minister since April, had called for international military intervention in northern Mali, which has been run by rebels since June.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela has suffered a recurrence of a previous lung infection and is receiving appropriate treatment, the Presidency said on Tuesday.
"Doctors have concluded the tests, and these have revealed a recurrence of a previous lung infection, for which Madiba is receiving appropriate treatment and he is responding to the treatment," the Presidency said.
"President (Jacob) Zuma thanks the public for continuous support to former president Mandela and his family at this time," it said.
Mandela, 94, remains at 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, where he was admitted on Saturday for medical tests. The public had been anxiously awaiting word on his conditions.
In response to public concern, the Presidency said on Monday that there was no cause for alarm over his health.
"As said before, former President Mandela will receive medical attention from time to time which is consistent with his age," the Presidency said on the day Mandela was admitted to the hospital.
On Sunday morning, Zuma visited Mandela and found him "comfortable, and in good care." Zuma said there was no need to panic as Mandela was doing well.
This is not the first time that Mandela was hospitalized in the past two years. In January 2011, he was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital for an acute respiratory infection. In February this year, he spent a night in a hospital for a minor diagnostic surgery to determine the cause of an abdominal complain.
Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years during apartheid, was elected the country's first black president in 1994. (Xinhua)

Somali Defense Minister visits Jowhar city

Minister of Defense of the Somali Federal Government, Abdulhakim Haji Fiqi, and other top military officials of the Somalia and the African Union Peacekeeping Forces on Monday paid a short visit to the latest frontlines in middle Shabelle region including Jowhar city where the militant group of al Shabaab was removed a day before.
Defense minister of the Somali Federal Government, Abdulhalkim Haji Mohamud Fiqi said on the line that they were pleased to reach Jowhar, saying that national chief commander and AU commander were accompanying him there.
The defense minister Fiqi said that people in Jowhar city are happy with their visit and welcomed the operation against al Shabaab. The minister added that the operation would continue and would connect the road that links the capital to the central regions of Somalia, saying Bula-burte in Hiiraan region which the militants currently control is their next target.
Meanwhile reports from lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia say that an outbreak of diarrhea has erupted in different small communities in the region. The outbreak of diarrhea is reported in communities like Dudumo gadud, Madax Marodi, Sahan weyn, Saha Yarey and other larger communities like Yaqbari weyne and Yaqdomar all in the lower Shabelle region.
Residents in those parts of the province who spoke to Shabelle Media Network say the outbreak is possibly related to the extreme warm weather which comes at this time of the season.

AMISOM committed to protection of human rights

As the world marks International Human Rights Day, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia, Mr. Mohamat Annadif, has reiterated AMISOM’s commitment to the protection of the rights the Somali people.

“A secure environment free of hunger, violence and intimidation is a necessary precondition for the full enjoyment of human rights. AMISOM is today helping the Somali government and security forces create such an environment within Somalia and to confront those who would wish to deny freedom and liberty to the Somali people,” he said.
“As it does so, AMISOM is cognisant of the need to minimize the impact of its operations on the civilian populace. The Mission continuously conducts pre-deployment and in-theatre training for its troops on the relevant aspects of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law. We have also implemented a policy on the use of Indirect Fire Weapons which includes strict no-fire zones in areas with concentrations of civilians,” he added.
Mr.Annadif also noted that AMISOM was working to improve awareness and understanding of human rights within the Somali security forces. “Respect for human rights is a fundamental aspect of our training efforts as we work to build up the capacity of the Somali national security forces,” he said.
He condemned the targeted assassinations of journalists in Mogadishu saying that AMISOM was working with the Somali Police Force to improve security and to give the police the tools to catch those responsible. “AMISOM deplores the unlawful killing of any person in Somalia. Our focus is to enhance the capacity of SPF and enable it to serve and protect every citizen,” he said.-Source AMISOM

Monday, 10 December 2012

Egypt`s President Morsi approves extra taxes on Beer,alcohol,cigarette and Soda

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi on Sunday approved  extra taxes on beer, alcohol, cigarette and soda.

The tax hikes are included in Law No. 102 for the year 2012 issued by Morsi, which amended some provisions of the General Tax Law No. 11 for the year 1991. According to new amendments, the tax hike is 50 percent for cigarette, 25 percent for soda, 200 percent for beer, 150 percent for alcohol and 150 percent for tobacco."The amendments are part of the government commitment to the reform program agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund to get a loan of 4.8 billion U.S. dollars," Ehab al-Desouki, head of Economic Research Center of Sadat Academy, told Xinhua. "The decision is right but the timing is wrong," al-Desouki added, citing that the tax hikes are imposed on commodities that are actually bad for health, "but they come at a time of tension, turmoil and protests."

Morsi's Nov. 22 constitutional declaration, which aimed at expanding the president's powers by making all his decrees issued since he came into office final and above judicial appeal, triggered waves of protests nationwide and deadly clashes between his opponents and supporters. The outraged judiciary authorities have vowed not to supervise the constitution referendum slated for Dec. 15.  (Xinhua)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sacked AFC Leopard goalkeeper trainer says he`s innocent

AFC Leopards sacked Goalkeeper trainer Mohamed Fwaya has defended his clean record saying he doesn’t know why his services were terminated.
  He said Leopards officials took their priority wrong adding that losing is part of the game .The former AFC Leopards Goalkeeper said the action taken to overhaul the entire technical bench will not add value since those who will take over will work under immense pressure to deliver.
  “To the best of my knowledge, added Fwaya, I did nothing wrong and no official has come out openly to point my anomaly. I’m just reading in the daily press and social sites.I believe we did our best despite few wrangles here and there.Last year we finished fifth compared to our current position three which was impressive.Everybody know’s the just ending Premier League was very competitive.The League went to the wire where the winner was determined in the very last day.So I don’t see the reason why Leopards executive went ahead to drop us?”” wondered Fwaya.
     He said he will continue to support the team but said few officials in the team will stand accused since they were misleading the club Chairman Alex Ole Magelo who has helped the club tremendously.
     He described Magelo as a true father and a guiding figure who needs the support of every Ingwe fan. ‘Personally, I have  a lot of respect for Magelo.The man loves the team with all his heart.But his great work is hampered by few officials who continue to mislead him.There was nothing wrong  with the playing unit or the technical bench.Everybody played his role effectively.It was just bad luck.Nothing else” lamented a bitter Fwaya.
    He said he was dropped early last month when the club lost 2-1 to Western Stima at the Afraha Stadium but nobody told him his crime.’I feel pain, he added, when I see the clubs great progress being smeared by few officials.The action they took to overhaul the technical bench was not timely and it will tear apart the club even further.’
    AFC Leopards executive recently announced the overhauling of the entire technical bench led by head coach Jan Koops.Several key players were sending packing including legendary Noah Wanyama-father to Inter Milan midfielder MacDonald Mariga.

Meanwhile the Malawi National  team head coach Kinnah Phiri  has introduced two new goalkeepers, Owen Chaima and Richard Chipuwa in the final squad that was named to feature in this years Cecafa Challenge Cup. The  duo will now link up with first choice Goalkeeper Charles Swini.

   Phiri named a 20-man squad which will face Rwanda on November 26 in the opening match of Group C of this year’s Cecafa Challenge Cup at Namboole Stadium in Kampala.

  Howver, Phiri has cracked the whip by dropping two senior midfielders Frank Banda and Davie Banda after they sneaked out of training camp for beer drinking.He said  he will not entertain indiscipline in the team.

“I have faith in the young players who have discipline. They have to prove to the nation that they are good,” he said.

Right-winger Mician Mhone of Blue Eagles, defender George Nyirenda and striker Innocent Bokosi have been included for the national duty for the first time.

Former APR forward Msowoya Chiukepo, who now features for Escom United, leads the striking force for the Cosafa side, which was preferred to Cameroon and Zimbabwe as a last minute replacement for Djibouti and will be making a third appearance in the competition which dates back to 1926.

Malawi squad:

 Owen Chaima (Big Bullets), Charles Swini (Silver Strikers ),Richard Chipuwa (Wanderers FC), Moses Chavula (Wanderers FC), Foster Namwera (Wanderers FC), Bongani Kaipa (Wanderers FC), Joseph Kamwendo (Wanderers FC), Steve Chagona (Blue Eagles), George Nyirenda (Big Bullets), Pilirani Makupe (Civo United), John Lanjesi (Civo United),  Patrick Masanjala (Blue Eagles), Mician Mhone (Blue Eagles), Ndaziona Chatsalira (Silver Strikers),  Innocent Bokosi (Blue Eagles).
Chimango Kayira(Big Bullets), Benard Harawa (Escom United), Chiukepo Msowoya (Escom United), Rodrick Gonani (Silver Strikers), Green Harawa (Silver Strikers)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Zambia determined to host global world tourism general assembly

 Zambian Vice-President Guy Scott has said the southern African nation is determined to host the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) general assembly together with Zimbabwe in August next year, the Zambia Daily Mail reported on Friday.
The assurance comes amid increased reports that Zambia is behind in terms of preparations to host the event compared to Zimbabwe despite the government repeatedly denying this.
"We are determined to host the event because we know that this will give us an opportunity to market our tourism products. As government, we will ensure that this event becomes a success not only to Zambians but also to international visitors," he was quoted as saying by the paper.
While acknowledging that there were still some challenges hampering the growth of tourism and preparations for the event, the Zambian vice-president said the government has started addressing the challenges such as high visa fees.
Recently, Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo assured that the country was ready to host the event and that there is nothing to worry about the slow preparations.
She said experts from the UNWTO experts have been coming to inspect the preparations and have so far done two inspections and have expressed satisfaction with the progress.
Zambia's tourist capital Livingstone situated in the southern part of the country will co-host the event together with the Zimbabwean town of Victoria Falls. (Xinhua)
Meanwhile Karim Wade, the son to Senegal's ex- president Abdoulaye Wade, was on Thursday questioned again for over ten hours by the gendarmes who are investigating the illegal wealth acquisition by some Senegalese individuals.
The new questioning went on amid protests by those who support the current regime who called for justice to be done and Karim Wade's supporters who gathered outside the questioning venue to express their support for him.
Wade, a former infrastructure and transport minister between 2009 to 2012, had already been questioned last Thursday by the gendarmes, before being prohibited from leaving the national territory due to the ongoing investigations.
Wade is battling allegations of illegal enrichment, together with four other ministers including Oumar Sarr who was an ex- urbanization minister, ex-Mines Minister Abdoulaye Balde, ex- Foreign Minister Madick Niang and ex-Energy Minister Samuel Sarr.
According to the procedure, after the questioning, the files will be sent to the special prosecutor of the court for fighting against illegal enrichment (CREI) who will request the court to determine whether the suspects have a case to answer.
CREI will sent a request to the concerned individuals to prove the origin of their wealth within one month. Their wealth will be declared illegal if they fail to prove its origin.
If found guilty, the accused risk a jail term ranging from five to 10 years and a fine that is equivalent to the wealth that they may have acquired illegally. (Xinhua)