Saturday, 25 August 2012

Brew company in Kenya denies knowledge of killer brew

 Johnson Murei (r) and Dickson Mbogo during the briefing
A brew manufacturing company in Kenya  has asked police to investigate the source of alcohol that killed two people recently in a town in Rift Valley Province called Iten.

The company which is based in Thika a few minuets drive from the capital Nairobi called Vinepack Limited denied reports it is behind the brew that claimed the lives of locals insisting it manufactures certified brew.

“We believe the drinks in question were either illicit or counterfeited. We demand that the police and Kenya anti-counterfeit agency carry out a thorough investigation into the incident and bring the culprits to justice,” said Johnson Murei, a director of the company who was flanked by another Director Dickson Mbogo.

He  said Vinepack is a legally operating company and manufactures certified products which include Fiesta Gin, and Mfalme.

The villagers died after consuming the brew and later claimed it originated in Thika.

Three other victims are admitted at Iten District Hospital while another was referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

During the press conference at a Nairobi hotel on Friday,August 24, Murei said that they are ready to co-operate with the authorities in knowing the source of the alcohol.

“We are in serious business and have employed many people and would not want to manufacture poisonous drinks,” he said.
He added they are ready to make available samples of their drink to the police and other agencies for comparison.

Police raided the bar where the victims allegedly bought the drink, but the operators were not at the bar.
No arrests have been made so far but police say they are following crucial leads.

Deaths of Kenyans in different parts of the country as a result of consuming illicit brews have been on the rise in the recent past forcing the Government to launch a crackdown on the operators of those brews.

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