Monday, 2 September 2013

Political activist seeks asylum alleginng threats

Political activist seeks asylum alleging threats
A NAIROBI political activist is still in hiding four months after the March 4th 2013,general election over her alleged role in polls. The activist, Sharon Akinyi was forced to go into exile after her stand in the last polls which saw her support a Nairobi politician  who contested but lost a parliamentary  seat on Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket.
It started with frequent raids at her Nairobi’s South B house by unknown attackers she believes were sent by the politician and who left a note threatening her of the dire consequences if she did not reconsider her political stand.
Fearing for her life, Akinyi with assistance from friends relocated to Sweden where she has been living to date. According to her neighbours in South B, the attackers have not relented in pursuing the activists as they are occasionally spotted around the home.
Speaking on the phone, Akinyi said she is grateful to the neighbours whom she said helped her sneak from the Country “Were it not for my neighbours in Nairobi I would have been dead, the attackers were determined to eliminate me because of the candidate I chose to support,” said Akinyi.
According to Akinyi, the matter was reported to Kayole Police Station. She says police have been taking her in circles saying investigations are on going but up to now no arrest has been made.