Thursday, 9 August 2012

Somali Police boss welcomes AMISOM Police Unit in Mogadishu

 A section of Ugandan AMISOM Police in Mogadishu.Courtesy Picture
By PFJ Reporters in Nairobi and Mogadishu
The Somali Police Commissioner, General Sharif Shekuna Maye has formally welcomed Police Officers from Uganda who have been deployed in Mogadishu to serve under the police component of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).
 Speaking during a parade by the AMISOM Formed Police Unit in Mogadishu, General Sharif Shekuna Maye expressed his appreciation to the African Union and the government of Uganda for the continued commitment to supporting Somalia in its endeavor to ensure sustainable peace and security in the country. He informed the formed police officers that Somalis are expecting a lot from them.
He said; “The main expectation of the Somali community is the securing of every corner where remnants of Al- Shabaab terrorist group might be hiding. The community is expecting you to help bring back law and order in the country.” 
The AMISOM Police Commissioner, Dr. Charles Makono said another group of formed police officers from Nigeria is expected in Mogadishu before the end of the year to join their colleagues from Uganda.
“The major task of the Formed Police Unit will be to assist the Somali Police Force in consolidating the security of Mogadishu.
This will be done through public order patrols in coordination with the Somali Police Force.” Said Dr. Makono. The deployment of officers from Uganda becomes the first deployment by the African Union of a Formed Police Unit since the formation of the Organization African Union in 1963 and later the African Union in 2002.
Elsewhere a demonstration was held on Wednesday, August 08 by different sections of Somali community in Afgooye town [30 km west of Mogadishu] to oppose the way the parliament selection process was conducted.
The demonstrators chanted slogans criticizing the cultural elders who were tasked to select lawmakers.

Some of the demonstrators who spoke to the local media said they are opposed to the way the selection process that is about to be concluded was conducted.
They said the selected persons whose names have not been disclosed by the technical team are persons pursuing self-interest. This protest is coming at a time when the technical selecting team is expected to announce the list of members’ names that will form the next parliament.

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