Friday 17 August 2012

Prison department in Kenya greatful for making legislators seats

By Albert Nyakundi
New seats in Kenya Parliament
Prison department in Kenya through the officer in charge of Kamiti maximum prison Mr. David Langat has praised the Kenyan government for awarding it a tender to make new seats in the refurbished parliament.

The more than 300 seats in the Kenyan National Assembly each cost the taxpayer Kshs 200 000 which caused an uproar in the third world Nation as majority of people interviewed by this writer in Kenya said the money used on purchasing those chairs should have been diverted to projects which can uplift the livelihoods of many Kenyans who are poor.

Back to the prison, Mr. Langat called on the government to award them another tender to furnish the 47 county assembly headquarters which were created after Kenya`s constitution was promulgated in 2010.

''Those who doubted us on grounds of capacity to deliver can see for themselves. We have proved to Kenyans and the world that we can,'' Said Langat. He at the same time lashed out against those criticizing the government for awarding the tender to the Prison department saying that those criticizing them were enemies of development.

The officer called on President Kibaki to pardon long sentenced inmates who had served their sentences for many years and urged the judiciary to speed up appeals by inmates whom he said have reformed and acquired skills to serve the society and become self reliant.

Mr. Isaiah Osugo who was one time a Provincial Criminal Investigation Department (CID) boss in Nairobi heads the Kenya Prison

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