Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Obituary:Juliana Evening Mukoya Olake

Juliana Evening Mukoya Olake
We regret to announce the sorrowful demise of our beloved Juliana Evening Mukoya Olake, headteacher of Bright Maua School Umoja. Daughter to Mark Mukoya Abuoga and Fransisca Jumbe Mukoya of Busagwa village Bunyala District. Step Daughter to Joyce Abuoga. Cherished wife to Charles Olake Ogaya Director Bright Maua School. Mother to Wilfrida Akoth Olake (Precious Blood Riruta), Jophie Mauwa Olake (Tender Care School), Cecilia Akuku Olake (Bright Maua).
Daughter in law to the late Charles Ogaya and Wilfrida Adhiambo Ogaya of Karamogi village, Sifuyo west sub-location. Sister to the late Mary, Jophie (MCFP), Ben (Hill-park), the late Vickie, Thomas (Reuters), Cecilia (Fairmont-Norfolk), Donna, Sophie, Chris, Simon, Stellah (Java Hse), Collins and Evans.
Niece to the late Maria Adipo (Alego Kaugagi), the late John Baptist Abuoga, Marita Abuoga (Alego Usonga), Martin Onyango, Joseph Okeda, Ojiambo, Nelly Mahaga (Port Victoria), Margaret Bora, the late Paul Magoba, Margaret Kechulla among others.
Cousin to Juliana (Mater Hosp), Roselyne (KIE), Everlyne, Peter, Emmanuel, Bartholomew (KPLC-Ugunja), Sellah, Brian, Nina, Dolly, Henderika, Tom Abuoga (BAT), Charles Abuoga (G4S), Herman Juma (MRM Mombasa) Angeline, Christine (USA), Bonnie (Afghanistan) Emmanuel Onyango, Aoko, Oscar, Kenny, Airo, Mercy and many others.
Auntie to Benedette Achieng (UON), Beatrice Hangalla (Moi University), Thomas Joseph, Patrick Omoga, Salome, Maria Buluma, Alexis Neema (New Light Senior), Hope, Dorcas, Francie, Austin, Manu, Mary, Benedette, Peru and Apollo (Dubai) and many others.
Sister in law to Stephen Hangalla, John Hangalla, James Otinda, Phillis Hangalla, Sophia Hangalla, Caroline Otinda, Caroline Nyakit, Jane Makana, Joyce Akoth, Ebba Namasi, Hellen Mukoya among others.
Friends and relatives are meeting at Jimlizer (Wab Hotel) Buru Buru and Komarock Phase 3A Hse 111. There will be a mini-fundraiser at Jimlizer hotel on Sunday August 12, at 3 pm and a main fundraising at Garden Square on Tuesday Aug 14. 5pm.
The cottage leaves Umash Funeral Home Thursday August 16 for a requiem mass at Umoja Catholic Church 3pm thereafter an overnight vigil at her Komarock house.
Burial will be on Saturday August 18, at Kolake home in Ramogi village, Sifuyo West location, Ugenya Sub-County.
For more information please contact James Otinda 0722145542 or Jophie Mauwa 0722220188

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  1. It was so sad to know the passing of Ms. Juliana Evening Mukoya Olake. But her memories will still be remembered as long as we live. A memorial page should be made in her memory on Evertalk.