Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Media Watch:Elizabeth ``Liz``Muthoni

Elizabeth Muthoni.  

Media Watch: Elizabeth Muthoni

Elizabeth Muthoni  ``Liz`` who is currently a Multi-Media Officer at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is a seasoned Photojournalist in Kenya a career in the past perceived to belong to men. She studied Photography and Audio Visual Communication at the Kenya Polytechnic University College in Nairobi and she is at the moment undertaking a course in 3D Animation skills in Photography with the new animation tech I equipment at Shang Tao Media Arts College in the capital City, Nairobi

Her Peace message is ``As the wind blows and morning is seen and the through the orange sunrise and birds sing songs let us smile and the warmth of the countries beauty fill our hearts and hold each others hands remembering we are Kenyans``.

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