Sunday, 12 August 2012

Letter from Kenya:My words with Francis Mwongela

 Francis Mwongela

I have prepared several write ups on the social blogs principally on my face book profile ranging from politics, morality, spirituality and social life as well as philosophy. These receive comments and raise attentions for some people take me as controversial. Some are far fetched and others are as a result of unawareness or malevolence. However, as a journalist and trained communicator, I have always made positive rejoinders and appreciated the criticism. Notable of these extensive notes I write, are the prolife write ups and Mother Teresa quotes concerning abortions and the use of contraceptives. This has really attracted ladies to sometimes tell me off and dismiss me as a young man who has no thought about the world we are living in today.
Majority have taken it positively and even confided in me. However, my position has not changed and the odds of it changing are unfounded. I still clasp that abortion is murder under whatever circumstances or justifications given by the laws written by men and women or by the medics.
What shocked me a few months in the past after I posted a note ‘Small world; a case against contraceptives’, I received regular comments. Some were scornful while others agreed with my lash and takings on the contraceptives and the effects they do have on the consumers of such commodities who are especially ladies. However, a lady from one of the Universities in Kenya I guess dropped me a shocking message in my inbox which was firm to believe. I quote the message, “hi Francis, there is a link you shared sometimes back about abortion. T was very touchy if you can access it again share with me. There s a friend of myn who want to do an abortion. I think it might as well help change her mind. Thanks in advance.”
I jubilantly and prayerfully shared the link once again to save a life and promised if need be I could come on board to do save the life. I even offered to be given the infant and would help in adoption if at all the lady in question does not want to see the kid.
The two ladies got my message and they shared the information. I was happily informed that the lady has changed her mind due to the morality of the abortion question as I brought it out in my document.
Great shock astounded me this week on Thursday in the evening when I received a message from this lady, “hi, haki thanks for those items. They were really encouraging. I talked to her and at first she changed her mind but unfortunately the guy went missing and switched phone off. Its her dad who took her to do the crime! Anyway I tried my best and got nothing to regret 4 it. Nyc moms.”
On receipt of the message, this was one of my darkest moments in life! Are parents teaching us the right things? Why on earth should a father take her daughter to procure an abortion?
The society we live in doesn’t require such villains to execute crime and they get away unpunished. We need to get our morals right. I strongly believe that if anything is to have impact in our society, it must come from the family set up. What do you expect to come of a girl who was taught to kill her own child by her own father? What will deter her from killing me and you on the slightest provocation? What about a father who kills his own grandchild? What about a father who commits his funds to kill and not to feed or educate the society? Are the youth left to make decisions or parents are still dictating?
The corruption we are crying about everyday with all fingers pointed at the politicians’ side starts from our families. What pains the largest part is where those who are expected to be leaders and protagonists of morality change to become wolves and the worst of the antagonists that the society needs to root out from the very beginnings. The tale of Sodom and Gomorrah then is rife in our society.
I have almost started losing faith in the generation of old men. Some of their thinking and actions are a shame to their age. Common sense does not read aloud otherwise. If a father can take her daughter to procure an abortion; to kill, what makes you think that this father does not engage in incest and other sexual malpractices with every Tom, Dick and Hurry? These are the caliber of men who mislead young college students who are fit to be their grandchildren leave alone them being their daughters.
Maybe this is one case in a million of the kind of society that we have at hand. I remember one time having a word with a renown Prof. Wanjohi, the director of Human life international Kenya( , on the kind of grotesque things that humanity is getting involved in. His response was a simple quotation from the bible that, “My people die for lack of knowledge”. But I fail to understand how a father with a daughter fit and ready too become a mother doesn’t know that abortion is murder and a simple fact that human life starts at conception!
I would not be shocked that reasons the dad used to justify abortion to this daughter ranged from education and others. I have not seen where a person has been denied education because she is a mother or he is a father.
If at all we need to be on the track to have the right morals for the society, the parents must be trustworthy and build the confidences of their children. Without that, we are headed for a doomsday. The first teacher, they say that it is the parent. After all if the parents do not teach morals, whom do they expect will do so? If they don’t, I don’t see why they should cry when their sons and daughters get spoilt. Furthermore, to what extent are we becoming our own enemies in the guise of the dot com generation and the nonsense of generation Y whose thinking I tend to suppose is illogical and lacking intellectual rationale? "Each child is sent into this world by God with a "Unique Message" to deliver, a new personal act of love to bestow"... - John Powell, S.J., Professor of Theology


The writer is a Media Consultant and Journalism Lecturer in Nairobi 

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