Monday, 6 August 2012

Know your County MPS:Wajir County

By Ali Mohamed
Wajir County is located in the North Eastern Province of Kenya and is mainly inhabited by members of the Somali community.

Wajir County has four constituencies namely Wajir North,Wajir West,Wajir East and Wajir South.

1.Wajir North

Mohammed Hussein  Gabbow who was elected on an Orange Democratic Party is the Member of Parliament for Wajir North and he was born in 1948.

Gabbow rarely speaks in Parliament and his constituent describe his track record in Parliament as bad.

2.Wajir West

Adan Keynan
Adan Keynan Wehliye  is one of the vocal and fiery MPS in the Kenyan Parliament and represents Wajir West in the National Assembly on a former ruling party KANU.

He was born on October 10,1968 and is an alumni of Moi University in Eldoret.He has unearthed so many scandals and presented them in Parliament .

He is described by his constituent as one of the few intelligent young people from the Somali community and rate his development record as good.

3.Wajir East

Ibrahim Elmi
Wajir East Member of Parliament is Ibrahim Elmi Mohamed who also heads a Ministry called Northern Kenya Development.

He was elected on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party and he is a quiet legislator who has not spoken much in Parliament though his constituent say he has not done much in the constituency.

Mohamed Sirat

4.Wajir South

The youthful Mohamed Mohamud Sirat is the Member of Parliament for Wajir South and during a visit to his constituency we were informed that he has done badly in terms of development in the constituency and even wondered why he does not speak in Parliament.

On Tuesday we bring you MPS in West Pokot County

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