Sunday, 5 August 2012

Know your County MPS:Vihiga County

By Justus Omuyoma

Vihiga County is home to one of Kenya`s Deputy Prime Ministers Mr.Musalia Mudavadi and the National Assembly Speaker Mr. Kenneth Otiato Marende.

The county is located in Western part of the country and it constitutes of 4 constituencies namely Emuhaya, Sabatia, Vihiga and Hamisi.

There are three sub tribes of the 17 Luhya groups found in the County, which are Tiriki, Maragoli and Banyore

A well educated and hardworking Wilber Ottichilo Khasilwa is the Members of Parliament for Emuhaya constituency after he succeeded the seat from Mr. Kenneth Marende when he was elected as Kenya`s National Assembly Speaker.

Wilbur Ottichillo
Ottichilo who was born on September 23,1952 frequently speaks in Parliament and much more accessible in his constituency with one of the constituent Mr. David Oyumbu describing him as a leader who leads by showing his constituent the way and does not encourage the culture of handouts. During his tenure he has made sure that nearly all roads in his constituency are repaired.

He is the only MP in the county who has stuck in the Prime Minister Odinga party ODM as other MPS have ditched to the United Democratic Front party (UDF) which Mudavadi has identified as his `vehicle` to State House in next year`s General election.

Mudavadi addressing crowd
Sabatia Member of Parliament is Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi who is also the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya a position he holds together with Uhuru Kenyatta in a Coalition Government created after the 2007 general election.

Mudavadi was born on September 21, 1960 and is currently a presidential hopeful under the United Democratic Forum Party (UDF) after decamping from the Orange democratic movement ODM led by the Prime Minister Raila Odinga where before his resignation he served as the Deputy party leader.

Mudavadi left ODM after he was technically locked out of the presidential race through a party constitution clause that gave the party leader a direct nomination to be a presidential candidate.

He seriously agitated for repeal of the same clause with no success as the party moved to swiftly file returns at the offices of the registrar of political parties without addressing Musalia`s concerns, this seemed an outright affront to democracy.

Musalia however refused to resign as the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya citing that the office of the Deputy Prime minister is a political office therefore he will not resign.

He became an MP in 1989 after the death of his father Moses Mudamba Mudavadi and is said to be an average performer in the constituency.

Yusuf Kifuma Chanzu is the Member of Parliament for Vihiga on an Orange Democratic Party and was born in 1950.

A political die hard of Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, Chanzu is easily accessible in his constituency and he has a relatively average performance record in his constituency.

Born on July 01,1972 George Khaniri Munyasa also an Assistant Minister for Information in the Republic of Kenya is the Member of Parliament for Hamisi Constituency.

George Khaniri
He became an MP after the demise of his father Nichodemus Khaniri in the early 1990`s.He rarely speaks in Parliament and his constituent rate him as an average performer in the constituency and a great defender of Musalia Mudavadi who is seeking a Presidential seat in the 2013 General election.

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