Thursday, 2 August 2012

Know your County MPS:Trans Nzoia County

Eugine Wamalwa and Uhuru Kenyatta (right)

TransNzoia county country is located in Rift Valley Province of Kenya and the biggest supplier of Kenya`s food

Kitale town is the headquarters of TransNzoia County and a major link of the rest of Kenya and the newly found oil site in Turkana County.

The county is home to who is who in Kenya as almost all prominent Kenyan people have land for farming in the county.

Historically the area has been inhabited by the Kalenjin people. After independence many of the farms vacated by white settlers were bought by individuals from other ethnic groups in Kenya.
The County has three constituencies namely:
Cherangani, Kwanza and Saboti
Economic activities in Trans-Nzoia County is mainly farming of cash crops grown in the area which are sunflower, tea, coffee, Pyrethrum, seed beans and seed maize.
Cherangani MP:Kuttuny
The youthful Joshua Serem Kuttuny is the Member of Parliament for Cherangani where he trounced the veteran MP and former Agriculture Minister in President Mwai Kibaki first time Cabinet when he came to power in 2002.
Kutuny who is an eloquent speaker especially in Kiswahili which is widely spoken in East and Central Africa and one of the two official languages in East Africa is a graduate from Moi University and a die-hard supporter of Eldoret North MP Mr. William Ruto who has declared his interest to vie for Presidency in 2013.

Kuttuny`s popularity in the constituency has of late dropped as his constituent say he has dwelt much of his time concentrating on National politics other than constituency development.

Kuttuny is an active debator in Parliament and one who Ruto relies heavily for support.

Kwanza MP Dr.Wekesa (left) with other Luhya MPS
Veteran Kenyan Politician Dr.Noah Mahalang'ang'a Wekesa who is also the Minister for Forestry and Wildlife is the Member of Parliament for Kwanza constituency.

Wekesa was born on August 21,1936 and his constituent say he is an average performer.



Eugene Ludovic Wamalwa who is the Justice Minister in the Republic of Kenya and the leader of New Ford Kenya is the Member of Parliament for Saboti constituency in which Kitale town falls in.

The late Kenyan Vice-President under the first term of President Kibaki in power Wamalwa Kijana was his brother. The younger Wamalwa is also one of Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni lawyers and was born on April 01,1969.

He is a good Speaker fluent in English, Kiswahili and his Mother tongue Bukusu one of the 17 sub-tribes of Luhya community who are Bantus.

Hi development record in the constituency is good and he has a large following among the youths in Western Province and in his Trans Nzoia County.

On Friday we feature MPS in Turkana County

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