Wednesday 15 August 2012

AU to deploy more forces in Baidoa,Beledweyne

By PFJ Reporter in Mogadishu

African Union mission in Somalia spokesman, Col. Ali Aden Haamud said, has told a local  Risaala radio, that there is a plan to increase the numbers of African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops across the country.
Djiboutian peacekeepers are expected to take over positions held by Ethiopian forces in Beledweyne town. Ali Aden confirmed that though the Djiboutian contingent is ready, certain technicalities are still remaining to be sorted out.
He noted that the commanders and the contingent’s leadership are already stationed in the town.However the spokesman declined to give the exact number of troops involved. AMISOM troops have already been deployed in Baidoa, taking over from the Ethiopians and Mr. Aden revealed that their number will be  increased if need be.
Meanwhile Gunmen  killed the chairman of Bacad market outside a mosque in Mogadishu. The assailant fled the scene on Monday evening.
Said Fidow was shot dead as he distributed water to people to break the fast in the evening. Eyewitnesses said two men armed with pistols shot the Chairman at the head. Mogadishu's Yaqshid District administration did not comment on the matter as no group claimed responsibility for the killing of the chairman.

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