Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What Kenyans think of Martha Karua`s Presidential candidacy

Poster of Martha Karua

Martha Karua (left) is introduced to women by one of the party National Executive Council member Ms.Waithera Chege (second from left) during a recent function at the party headquarters.

Karua addressing party members at Narc Kenya headquarters recently.

Former Cabinet Minister in President Mwai Kibaki`s government in Kenya and the leader of Narc Kenya, MS Martha Karua is the only woman candidate who has declared her intention to run for the country`s Presidency scheduled for next year March.
Already she has opened her Presidential secretariat and currently criss crossing the country campaigning.PFJ send out our reporter Harrison Omayio to find out from different Kenyans what they think of Karua`s candidature.
1.Simon Ogero, ICT Manager Nambale, Busia
Martha Karua is the right person for the leadership of this country because she demonstrated good leadership and governance while she was the Justice Minister. She has demonstrated good qualities in her leadership, which may spur the economic growth of this country.
2.Nyambura Gathiywo student United States International University (USIU), Nairobi
I support her bid for presidency because the way she is conducting her campaign is in a peaceful and right way, Karua is also a person of good manners and reachable by everybody meaning that if takes over the Government she will not forget we people who will have elected her.
3.Dickson Mose, employee Rift valley Railways, Nairobi
I cannot elect Martha Karua as President because Kenya has not reached the level of electing women for top leadership positions. For sure we have a long way before we think of electing a woman for Presidency in this country.
4.Lister Mwende, Employee Kenya Airports Authority
When Martha Karua was in Justice Ministry as the head of it before she resigned from Government she never demonstrated her willingness to fight graft and ensure the new constitution is realized so I don`t see any need of voting for her. Also she has no numbers especially from her community she is still facing a big resistance of getting votes.
5.Joseph Weru, Driver –Nairobi
I think Martha needs to consolidate the entire women vote and assure us she has a woman voting block in order for us men to think of voting for her. I also don`t think if women themselves will vote for her. Let her try but she has a long way to go but I can advice her to try in 2022 she will have gained more experience and Kenya will be ripe to elect women as Presidents.
6.Martha Osogo, Security officer, Nairobi.
Narc Leader, Martha Karua is a good leader if she remains in opposition to serve as people`s  watch when the Government of the day goes against what it has promised Citizens. Already opinion polls in recent times have not shown her gaining better rates to ensure her becoming the President. It’s better if she struggles and becomes the opposition leader because the nearness she has come to get good ratings of leading Kenya is being an acceptable running mate for all leading male Presidential candidates.

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  1. - Martha is a good political leader. She could make a difference in negative neutralizing ethnicity in the country. She is not greedy and this is what Kenya needs at the moment, a break away from looters who leave the poor poorer. To say that Kenya is not ready for women in top leadership is not in good taste, women support decisions that enrich all while men form cartels and enrich themselves. KENYA NEEDS A PERSON WHO IS COMMITTED TO ENSURING THE ECONOMY WORKS FOR ALL, This I believe Martha Karua can do.