Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kibaki`s Deputy advocates for return of schools to Church

Story and Pictures By Morara Kebaso
Kenya`s Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has advocated for the return of more than 400 schools belonging to the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) which were taken away at independence.
VP Kalonzo addressing a crowd outside the Church
The VP who spoke after a church service at the AIPCA Cathedral in Bahati, Nairobi on Sunday,July 22 said there was no particular reason why the AIPCA can’t be given back their schools to manage “if the government was able to give land to the Asian community to establish its schools.”
“I don’t see any reason why AIPCA can’t be given back her schools, at least to administer them according to the church’s values,” said the VP who turns out to be the second presidential hopeful to woe the church to support his bid after Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.
A fortnight ago, the PM met the AIPCA delegation who paid him a courtesy call in his office bidding to have attention of the next head of state about the issue of their schools. The PM promised to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion.
Musyoka admitted before the AIPCA faithful that; it is true their schools were taken away by the government; “your government” but reiterated that the issue - that has been raised severally - would be solved.
He said AIPCA’s role in the liberation of Kenya is key and can’t be overlooked “at all.”
“There is nothing wrong with anything indigenous. You fought for the independence of this country. The founders of this church prayed for the liberation of Kenya. And thus, I don’t see any reason why you can’t get back your schools,” said Musyoka.
In successive regimes, AIPCA has been asking the government to give back the schools it confiscated from them at independence; so that they can sponsor them; administer and have their children educated in values they believe in.
Kalonzo with his spokesman Kaplich Barsito (left).

The AIPCA faithful requested President Kibaki to find time before his term is over, at least even for one day, to visit them at Bahati. The request was read out by AIPCA National Deputy Chairman, Paul Gichu. The VP advised the church to write a letter to the president and explain why they would want him to visit; and he will personally deliver it.
“Besides just delivering your letter to the president; I will personally discuss with him about your request. Personally, I am glad for what the AIPCA is doing, coming up with a theological college and a state-of-the-art church are positive developments,” advised the VP.
 Musyoka then ventured into vote hunting in the nearby Bahati estate where he was hosted by a resident of the area Evelyne Nzembi, a single parent.
The VP was accompanied by Kamukunji MP, Yusuf Hassan; Mwala legislator, Daniel Muoki; former Makadara MP, Dick Wathika; the newly elected East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP, Peter Mathuki, former Kenyan ambassador to Malaysia, David Gachuki Njoka, who is also in Musyoka’s think tank team.
He took time to sell his presidential agenda to the residents calling on them to support his State House bid. He reiterated his calls for the country’s peace as a yardstick for investors to pump money into the country.
“The greatest gift this country needs is love; peace and unity, if we have to forge forward as a country. Investors will not fund any development programmes here if we are a divided country; where communities were engaged in fighting and tribalism,” said Musyoka on top of a parked pickup vehicle.
He said it would be so sad for the country to go back to where it was after elections in 2007 and early 2008. “Let us pray for this country’s peace because we don’t want to go back to what happened in 2007,” he added saying; tribalism should be condemned everywhere possible including in churches.
The VP also called on the residents of Bahati estate to plan their families to within three children if possible.
“There is no need for any woman to have many children without a husband. The problems of feeding; clothing and educating them alone is enough,” Musyoka told a single parent, a resident of Bahati who said she has three children she is unable to feed.
The VP also said the next government of Kenya will carry on where President Kibaki stops; implement Vision 2030 to transform Kenya into a 24-hour economy that embraces working in shifts.

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