Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Police arrest two Tanzanians in possesion of 142 ampoules of cocaine

MAPUTO, July 24 (Xinhua) -- The Police of the Republic of Mozambique arrested two individuals of Tanzanian nationality in possession of 142 ampoules of drugs.

The two we arrested at the Maputo International airport when they were coming from Brazil through a connecting flight that stopped in Lisbon, the Maputo Newssheet Media Fax quoted the Police general command Spokesperson Arnaldo Chefo as saying on Tuesday.

The police sais that the two had 40 ampoules hidden in their suitcase and the remaining ampules inside their stomach.
After arrested the alleged drug traffickers were taken to the Maputo central hospital where the authorities removed the remaining 102 ampoules of cocaine.

It was the not the only case that police arrested foreign citizens in transit at the Maputo international airport with drugs hidden inside their stomach. Recently the police have also arrested a South African lady coming from Brazil with 200 grams of cocaine hidden in her stomach.(Xinhua)

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