Friday, 20 July 2012

Know your County MPS:Nyamira County

By Justus Ombati
Aerial view of Parliament
Nyamira County is found in Nyanza Province and it is inhabited by Bantu speaking Kisii people.

The region has fertile weather and favorable weather for farming. Tea and pyrethrum are the main cash crops that are grown in that area. Other crops include sugarcane, bananas and food crops such as maize. Production of the crops highly depends on the weather variations.Livestock production has also been noted in Nyamira County region.
There are three three constituencies in the county which are Kitutu Masaba,North Mugirango and South Mugirango.
1.Kitutu Masaba
Walter Enock Osebe Nyambati is the Member of Parliament for Kitutu Masaba and was born in 1950 and his development is felt on the ground where people we interviewed majority showed satisfaction with his work.He is the Chairman of the Parliamentary Service Commission.

2.North Mugirango

Wilfred Moriasi Ombui who is the Member of Parliament for North Mugirango has according to a number of his constituent we interviewed for this series done little in the Constituency and also claim that they have nearly not heard him speaking on their behalf in Parliament.He was born in 1950 and North Mugirango people told us to go back to the constituency and fulfill what he promised them when he was campaigning for the seat of MP.He is also the Assistant Minister for National Heritage.

Nyamweya:South Mugirango
3.South Mugirango
Manson Oyongo Nyamweya though not having contributed much in Parliament proceedings has a good record in his South Mugirango constituency.Nyamweya who is also an Assistant Minister for Trade was born in 1950 and is not very active in National politics.
On Saturday we look at Nyandarua County

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