Monday, 30 July 2012

Indian Construction companies partner with Kenyan Paints company

By Morara Kebaso
Three India-based construction materials manufacturers have signed an agreement with a Kenyan paints maker, Crown Paints, as it bids to expand its business to the distribution of other building and construction materials.
Jatin Ambani of East African Building Solutions.
The agreement was announced in Nairobi last Friday as the two parties penned a deal that will enable Crown Paints to distribute water proofing materials, construction chemicals, pipes, fittings marbles and quarts.
STP Ltd will supply Crown Paints with chemicals and water proofing sheet. Classic Marble Company will supply marble and quarts while KiTEC will bring in pipes and fittings for housing and industries.
Ms Nisha van Hoek, Crown Paints Marketing Manager, said the partnership will boost standards of buildings and in the building industry through distribution of quality materials in the market.
“Our desire is to raise standards of materials in the construction industry by bringing in world class materials,” Nisha said.
Crown paints unveiled its list of new product lines at a gathering of architects and other building industry professionals from the ministries of Public Works and Housing.
East African Building Solutions Managing Director, Mr Jatin Ambani, representing the three firms, said Crown Paints would in future build factories to manufacture some of the materials locally.
Ambani disclosed that KiTEC, a Dutch company based in India, has already prepared a copy of standards codes of practice for submission to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) through Crown Paints.
He said the three firms seek to leverage on the Crown Paints share of the paints market to penetrate the industry, which he said has a lot of opportunities.
“There is opportunity and scope for improvement in terms of quality of construction materials and our contribution will definitely leave a mark in Kenya’s construction industry,” he said.
Crown Paints (K) Chief Marketing Manager, John Hadley, said the company has unveiled a wide range of next generation paints to raise standards in the construction industry.
Hadley noted that the local building sector has witnessed immense growth and challenged building professionals to raise their standards.
“It is time for professionals in the industry to retake the moral high ground. Now is the time for dealers to have better returns on their investments,” he said.

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