Friday, 27 July 2012

Know your County MPS:Siaya County

Parliament building Kenya

 Siaya County is located in Nyanza Province and it`s home to Kenya`s Prime Minister Mr.Raila Odinga though he represents Langata constituency found in Nairobi in Parliament.

The County has 5 constituencies namely Ugenya, Alego, Gem, Bondo and Rarieda.The County is largely inhabited by Dhluo speaking people who are Nilotes but there are other tribes like Luhyas who live there as a result of Siaya sharing a border with at least 3 Counties of Luhya Speaking people Busia, Kakamega and Vihiga and also business people from Central Province (Kikuyus) and Somalis from North Eastern Province have found there way in the county as a result of commercial activities.

The main economic activity in Saia County is fishing from Lake Victoria and subsistence farming.
James Orengo:Ugenya

Aggrey James Orengo who is a seasoned politician in Kenya is the current Member of Parliament of Ugenya Constituency on an Orange Democratic Party.Orengo frequently speaks in Parliament and is the Minister for Lands in the Government of Kenya.

He is also an accomplished lawyer and credited as one of those people who fought for the restoration of multi-party politics in Kenya.Orengo is rated as an average performer in development projects in his constituency.

2. Alego
Prominent businessman Edwin Ochieng Yinda who rarely speaks in Parliament is the Member of Parliament for Alego. Yinda was born in 1951.

Edwin Yinda:Alego
Yinda is believed to be very close to Kenyan Prime Minister Mr.Raila Odinga though we couldn`t establish his right record of development in his constituency as a persistent trial by our reporter George Oyaya to call him on the number we were given that belong to him went unanswered though his constituent were of the view that he is trying compared to his predecessors.

On Saturday we look at MPS in Gem and Bondo.

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