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Know your County MPS:Samburu County

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Know your County MPS: Samburu County

Samburu County is located in Rift Valley Province and it constitutes of 2 constituencies (Samburu West and Samburu East.

The county is majorly inhabited with Samburu people but there are other tribes from Kenya like Turkana, Kikuyu, Meru, Somali and others who reside in the County The county is Semi arid in nature and notable for its immense potential and contribution to the National Livestock industry particularly the slaughter stock.
1.Samburu West
Simeon Lesirma
Simon Saimanga Lesirma who is the current Assistant Minister for Provincial Administration is the Member of Parliament for Samburu West constituency he was born on January 01,1946 and he represents the constituency on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party.

His constituent describes him as an average leader and who does not like being embroiled in controversies.

Lesirma holds an MBA from United States International University (USIU), Diploma in Human resources from Kingston Polytechnic (United Kingdom), a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Makerere University, Uganda and is an alumnus of Alliance High School where he completed his A level in 1968.

He once worked as a Human Resources officer for Mumias Sugar and Magadi Soda Companies in Kenya. He has also been a Permanent Secretary in 8 Ministries in Kenya before he plunged into politics.
“Let our diversity be a uniting factor.  Let us respect accept each other the way god intended.  Let us be generous since plenty is found within our borders in form of natural resources while protecting our environment”, that is Lesirma`s message to Kenyans.

2.Samburu East
Raphael Lakalei Letimalo
A former District Commissioner among them at the Kenya-Uganda border district of Busia, Mr.Raphael Letimalo is the Member of Parliament for Samburu East Constituency.

Described as a reachable Member of Parliament and with good strategies and who can deliver more if he gets the right support and connection, Letimalo is a good debater in Parliament advocating for his Samburu people. 

 On Friday we introduce to you  MPS in Siaya County.

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