Monday, 30 July 2012

Police in Nairobi fear Al-Shabaab may use hawkers

Nairobi Police boss,Anthony Kibuchi

Kenyan Police have embarked on a mission to rid out hawkers from the Nairobi Central Business District (NCBD) to prevent Al-Shabaab fighters infiltrating them and using their wares to hide bombs and explosives for attacks.

Revealing this on Monday, July 30 Nairobi region Police boss Mr. Anthony Kibuchi said that they have information that Al-Shabaab fighters from Somali and their sympathizers were ready to cause havoc in the East African economically tiger country using the hawkers.

``We want the hawkers to use Muthurwa and the other market to do their business as we have gotten information that Al-Shabaab want to hide explosives and bombs in their wares and bomb the City``,said Kibuchi flanked by Embakasi Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD ) Mr.Akello Odhiambo.

A market about 3 Kilometers had been set aside for use by Hawkers in Nairobi but they keep on coming to the City especially in the evening and this may pose a serious security challenge for the security officers especially now that Kenyan troops are serving in the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) battling the terrorist group Al-Shabaab who are indeed a threat to Kenya which directly neighbors Somalia.

In the recent past Al-Shabaab has carried out terrorist attacks in the country including Nairobi the Capital City, Mombasa the second biggest City but more often in towns in North Eastern Province which borders the nearly ungovernable country that has not seen peace for almost 21 years.

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