Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kenya file an appeal against group demanding secession

Kenya`s Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere (left), Nairobi County Commissioner Mr.Shadrack Mwadime and Administration Police Commandant Mr.Kinuthia Mbugua arrive at the boardroom of the country`s acting Internal Minister Mr. Yusuf Haji on Thursday, July 26 where he addressed the press on Wednesday court ruling in Mombasa where it lifted the ban the Government had imposed upon the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) which is advocating for secession from the rest of Kenya.

Haji said that the Kenyan Government after a meeting it convened of the National Security Advisory Committee has instructed its Attorney General Githu Muigai to immediately file an appeal against the ruling.

The High Court judgment in its ruling in paragraph 82 observed ``If MRC regard this decision as a Carte blance to disorder or lawlessness, then they are on their own. The court cannot mute the respondents from exercising their constitutionally ordained obligation of ensuring security for all Kenyans. Should MRC cross the line, then the state, as always, can invoke the law, including prevention of organized crimes Act (Act No.6 of 2010``.

There has been fear in Kenya that through the court ruling on Wednesday that some criminal groups among them Al-Shabaab and Mungiki which were among 32 groups outlawed by the Government would move to court demanding legitimacy thus endangering the security of Kenya which is relatively good compared to countries surrounding it like Somalia, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia.

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