Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Kenya asks Korea to help Somalia

Korean Prime Minister Kim Hwang Sik made a successful tour of East African economic power nation Kenya this week and held talks with a number of Government leaders among them the country`s Prime Minster Mr.Raila Odinga on top with him and visited several areas where his Government has interest in.

During one of the meeting Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga urged the Korean government  to support the ongoing efforts to restore peace in Somalia and the feuding nations of Sudan.

He asked the visiting South Korean premier Kim Hwang to help the establishment of a legitimate state in war ravaged Somalia to contain the insecurity menace posed by terrorist cells and pirates in the horn of Africa.

"We call upon the south Korea to be steadfast in support for the reconstruction in Somalia and demanding stability and peace in the Sudans" the premier said. He stressed on the need for the two nations to strengthen their ties on security issues to detect and deter any threats posed by terrorist groups and pirates.

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