Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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Courtesy of The Friday Bulletin,The Weekly  Muslim News Update

Jamia to host Quran competition in Ramadhan
This Ramadhan, Jamia Mosque Committee will again play host to the annual Qur'an Memorization Competition.
This will be the third edition of the competition which was initiated three years ago as a way of inculcating among young people the importance of reciting and memorizing the Noble Qur'an.

This time round, the event will feature female participants who will show their talent in reciting the Noble scripture.
The event will be held on 21st to 22nd July for female par- ticipants while the male competition will be held a week later from 27 to29 July.

The competition is organized jointly by Jamia Mosque Committee, the Saudi Religious Attaché and Africa Mus- lim Agency.
Last years winners were a University of Nairobi student Yusuf Abdillahi Hassan, who emerged the winner in the 30 Juzu (chapters) category while Shuaib Muhammad Shaafi of Ma¬drassa Abubakar Siddiq Eastleigh took the top honours in the 15 Juzu category. They walked away with a Sh40, 000 and Sh30, 000 cash prize respectively.

Sheikh Nassor Bachou in critical condition
Prominent Zanzibari scholar Sheikh Nassor Ba- chou is in a critical condition after undergoing a brain surgery operation. The scholar is admitted at Tanzania's largest refer- ral hospital, Muhimbili National Hospital in Dare-es salaam and has been in a coma since May after he underwent the surgery.

Sheikh Nassor was recovering from a stroke which had limited his popular lectures. After the stroke, he received treatment at Nairobi's Aga Khan Hos- pital in Nairobi and later travelled to India and had made tremendous recovery which allowed him to resume his lectures albeit at a limited scale.

The Sheikh has visited Kenya on several occasions where his lectures attracted hundreds of people. His talks are widely available around East Africa on audio and visual materials.
While in Nairobi,for vehicle service and repair the place to be is here...
The family is appealing for support from well-wish- ers to offset the huge medical bills incurred. Sup- port can be channeled through is wife Maryam on telephone +255773093923 or his aide Said Gwiji on telephone +255777423181.

UK organisation aids Muslim projects
Three Muslim organisations have benefitted from financial support worth Sh1.5 mil- lion from a British based charity, Muslim Care. The charity, through a local based organisation Ummah Foundation donated Sh 644, 000 to Masomo Foundation. The fund will support the Foundation's programmes in supporting the education of deserving needy but bright Muslim students who have attained good grades.

Also benefitting from the donation was Darul Irshad Centre which is based in Ngulu- ni, Kangundo County and is involved in educational programmes for new Muslims. The funds will go towards construction of a vocational training centre to empower students with training in carpentry, electrical works, plumbing and automotive re- pair.
The organisation also donated Sh275, 000 to the Qabristan Committee which went towards the renovation of a toilet block as well as installation of water storage facili-ties.

Education, the key to success
Education is the key to a successful future and the key ele- ment in helping men and women developing to their full po- tentials. Learn¬ing opens doors of opportunity that are only available to those who seek it out and put their hearts and souls into it. Through educa¬tion and becoming exposed to added knowledge and experiences, people can find for themselves what they are best suited or most interested in doing for the rest of their lives. Success is defined differently by every individual person and education is an important tool in both creating a personal definition of success and eventually making it reality.

Making the decision to take advantage of all educational opportu¬nities that are available is not something that is necessarily easy, oftentimes it takes effort to seek out those opportunities that could potentially help to further develop talents and abilities that we may already possess. Education is not limited to school buildings and institutions. While a great deal of learning can come from teachers, pro- fessors, books, and classrooms, these are not the only av- enues of edu¬cation and should not be seen that way. Any way a person can educate themselves or learn more about the world around them is key in establishing a successful career and future. It's rarely the knowledge and facts that you know that carry you up the career ladder and into the realms of success but rather than connections you make with others and how fast you can think on your feet and solve problems and generate new ideas. Those who can work independently and can be counted on in the toughest and most trying situations are those that will be most sought out by the pro¬fessional world, whether that profession hap- pens to be carpentry, engineering, teaching, medicine, or anything else.

Simply getting by and passing classes in school is not enough. In order to get a good education, we have to put a great deal of effort into it and make the most of it. We have to be willing to learn new ideas, try new concepts, and experi- ment with what we are unfamil¬iar. Education is the key to success because everything involved in the process of edu- cation involves the intake of new knowledge, the application of new techniques, and the connection of new informa¬tion with what we already know or have experienced.

It is in this light that Ummah Foundation strives to see how best we can maximise our efforts in Educating our youth. In doing this, we fully understand that today will not be like tomorrow in terms of our Educational levels and best career selections. We have for the past six years produced a rea- sonable number through our educational programs, schol- ars and intellectuals who can compete in the job market and leaders of the highest calibre.

Even those who had no hopes of completing their education were given a chance to expose themselves to new knowl- edge and ex¬periences. They are now empowered fully and live up to our own definition of success and contribute to the world around us to our fullest potential.

Ummah Foundation calls upon all willing parties to give your support and let’s realise the success we all want Inshallah. Contact us : Ummah Foundation
Village Plaza, 2nd Floor, Ngara Rd P.O. Box 58717- 00200 Nairobi Tel:020-2680610/13 Mob: 0734 845277 Email: info@ummahfoundation.net Web: www.ummahfoundation.net

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