Sunday, 8 July 2012

Letter from Kenya:My words with Francis Mwongela

My Words By Francis Mwongela in Nairobi,Kenya
What Murungi Should  have  done  to  Uhuru  long time ago.
I have not interacted with Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and also not spent time with him. I have also not been a fanatic of him nor have I leant to predict his moves. But for this I am certain. That the son of Jomo is not likely to be the driver of the bus, is apparent. He must be very well aware that the bus got an accident long time ago and it’s not likely to go far. I have also had no issues with the neither bus nor it has manufacturers but for sure I doubt if the bus ca n go to state house.
Hon Kiraitu Murungi really wants a driver. But why can’t he drive that bus himself if at all there is no one who wants to drive it? Or does he have a preferred driver who should take it from where it is stuck if at all it is? I have a simple question; if this bus is the one ended to the house on the hills, then why is it not having a driver?
I have closely followed the political history of the Meru people since the era of Jomo Kenyatta. A man called Angaine used best tactics of the then times and pocketed the Meru I am told. However, the Merus of today seem to resist the latter days Angaines and they have remained steadfast to fast track democracy. I strongly hold the opinion that the bus is not headed to state house but it is a bargaining to power camouflage for few interested parties who believe they must remain in power for personal interests.
Who believes he has votes of a particular region to hawk them? I would really want to meet such a character. If at all Uhuru Kenyatta would not mind his exit form politics then he doesn’t need strong competitors or more enemies. APK is the enemy number stronger than Kenyatta can believe as he does with TNA. By joining the bus, Uhuru will have proved that he is ready to squat as men talk about him and his ambitions. The APK mafia would really want to have the son of Jomo in the bus and get him to the driver’s seat.
But why is it that he doesn’t want to get to the bus? Look here; once upon a time there lived a lion in the forest who was the king of the jungle. One hot afternoon the lion slept under a shade and rats really rub up and down the lion’s stomach. They thought it was a playing field. Raising its paw, the lion got hold of the rat and threatened to kill it. The rat besieged the rat and it was let free. The rat was too thankful and promised to pay back one day. The proud lion dismissed the rat as useless and unhelpful. The rat went away happily and ready to help in future.
One hot afternoon the lion was caught up in a hunter’s trap. The rat was passing by and met he lion caught up. It called on the lion and promised to payback for saving its life. The lion told off the rat but the rat promised to pay. With its little teeth it gnawed the strings of the trap and let the lion free. You can imagine how happy the lion was.
I do not want to imagine that there is no rift between Murungi and the son of Jomo. Each is likely to be trapped. Or did Kiraitu dismiss Uhuru sometimes as a rat and now the son of the Meru is in some trouble with the bus? I think Kiraitu has never acted the lion in the NARC government. I also hope Uhuru is now not acting the rat when his friend is trapped in the bus.
The writer is a Media Consultant and Journalism Lecturer in Nairobi

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