Sunday 1 July 2012

IGAD statements on Somalia meeting in Nairobi

Administration Police Officer from the rapid deployment unit (RDU) keep guard in Karen the venue of  Somali meetin

Participants from Somali follow keenly the meeting progress

Administration Police officers from the rapid deployment unit (RDU) in Karen on Saturday night as the meeting went on.




As military progress towards Kismayo continues a complementary political track to secure the future of the Gedo and Juba regions of Somalia has opened up.  On the 28th June 2012, the Transitional Federal government (TFG), Azaania, Ras Kamboni, Ahlu Sunna Wal Jaamaa (ASWJ) and Harti group convened at the KCB leadership Centre in Nairobi for a three day consultative meeting organized by Kenya, Ethiopia and TFG under the IGAD joint committee.
The Karen meeting has secured the commitment of key military and political actors to engage in a consultative process and reach a negotiated solution on the appropriate governance arrangements for the region thereby consolidating the battle against Al-Shabaab.
This is the first of several consultative meetings that will bring together other key stakeholders from the region (all clans, the business community and the diaspora). The participants of the meeting pledged to work together with all stakeholders from the regions of Lower Juba, Middle Juba and Gedo to negotiate interim arrangements for the formation of an inclusive regional authority in line with the National Federal


As military progress towards Kismayo continues a complementary political track to secure the future of the Gedo, Lower and Middle Juba regions has opened up. On 28 June 2012, the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa (ASWJ), Azaania, Harti group and Ras Kamboni, convened at the KCB Leadership Centre in Nairobi for a three day consultative meeting organized by Ethiopia, Kenya, and the TFG under the auspices of IGAD.
The delegates after deliberations agreed on the following issues:
The establishment of an Interim Regional Authority as a complementary political track to military operations in the Gedo and Lower and Middle Jubba regions of Somalia:
1.      Formation of the Interim Regional Authority
That the interim regional authority (Interim Authority) be established in line with the National Federal Constitution to be adopted. The Authority shall:
·       Be made up of three regions (Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo);
·       Be based on districts and regions;
·       Have three branches of government:
a)      The Executive
b)     The Legislative
c)      The Judiciary
·       Have unified security arrangements;
·       Be established before the end of Somalia’s Transitional Period in August 2012;
·       Live in peace and harmony with its neighbours, both within Somalia and the neighboring countries.
2.      Process
a)      That the process be conducted within the framework of the IGAD Grand Stabilization Plan and the National Strategy for Reconciliation & Stabilization in the Newly Accessible Areas of south central Somalia.
b)     That the process for the establishment of the Interim Authority shall be consultative, inclusive, broad-based and guided by the following principles:
·       Democracy
·       Justice
·       Respect for minority rights
·       The tenets of Islam and Sharia law
3.      Commitments
The delegates undertake to:
a)      Take ownership of the process;
b)     Give unwavering support to the process and implementation of its outcome;
c)      Take responsibility to create awareness in Somalia and to mobilize support for the process among their constituents;
d)     Resolve their remaining differences peacefully and in a cordial and brotherly manner;
e)      Cease all hostilities and negative propaganda;
f)       Move with urgency to avoid an administrative vacuum;
g)     Continue to fight Al-Shabaab;
h)     Promote the rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery of the region
i)      Raise awareness of this agreement, mobilize support among their constituents between the 2nd and 8th of July 2012, and to prepare for the first meeting of the technical committee
4.      The delegates further undertake to:
a)      Establish a Technical Committee to plan and guide the rest of the consultative process with a mandate to:
·       To engage other stakeholders in support of this consultative process
·       To work on a  draft agenda
·       To agree upon the structure and process for negotiation, including  representation, venues and timelines
·       To hold its first meeting on 9th July, 2012
b)     Nominate representatives to the Technical Committee.

The delegates further agreed that the culmination of the consultative process would be a conference to establish the Interim Regional Authority before the end of the Transition.
Acknowledging that this meeting did not include all stakeholders, the delegates agreed to leave the door open for other actors to join the process and the Technical Committee.
The delegates called upon the international community the AU, IGAD and the UN to assist with the process.
The delegates affirmed that the current National Transitional Period will conclude in August 2012.

Constitution to be adopted.

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