Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fresh batch of Ugandan troops set for Somalia deployment

The Uganda People Defence Forces ( UPDF ) is today sending 2,831 troops to Somalia to fight the al Shabaab insurgents. The troops are heading to the horn of Africa as battle group ten to replace battle group eight which has been part of the Uganda contingent fighting the militants. The revelation was made yesterday at a meeting between the UPDF Amison leadership and members of the Pan Africa Parliament (PAP) at Singo Military Barracks. “We have nothing to hide and we are proud to be participating in serving and bringing peace in the continent,” said Col Steven Kashure, the commandant in-charge of training at Singo Military Training School.
President Museveni
“We are sending 2,831 soldiers to replace those who are retuning. There is a ceiling of 6363 soldiers for Uganda and the UPDF rotates within that number.” The PAP legislators, led by Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal, had visited the military installation to get acquainted with the welfare and operations of Ugandan soldiers working under the Amisom partnership.
“Why has Amisom remained Pan African yet it is only Uganda, Burundi and Kenya serving in Somalia and most of the countries have refused to join and help?” Ms Ogwal asked.  Ms Ogwal also serves as the chairperson of the PAP M committee on corporation and conflict resolution.
Courtesy of Daily Monitor,Uganda

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