Wednesday, 26 September 2012

DPM Mudavadi speaks to Kenyans on social Media from US as rumours spread Mutahi Kagwe is his running mate

DPM Mudavadi
Good morning.
I have had a wonderful & very informative time in Boston with fellow Kenyans residing their. They raised pertinent issues and showed great concern for the future of their country. I assured them of a smooth election, a smooth transition, commitment to the full implementation of our new constitution, economic growth, peace and stability. I also lauded them for their contribution to our local economy.
Today, I spend the better part of the day at the United Nations in various meetings and later on in the evening at the Roosevelt Hotel accompanying H.E. Mwai Kibaki who shall meet with Kenyans residing in the United States of America.
I thank you dear Kenyans for the warmth in which you received my team (Hon Kagwe & Hon Kituyi) & I. God bless you.
Wishing you a good day.
On Sunday accompanied by Muthahi Kagwe & Mukhisa Kituyi I had the pleasure of addressing a congregation of Kenyans living in the USA after attending a church service at the Christ for All Nations Church
in New Jersey.
I assured them that the country is on an irreversible path for monumental transformation through the implementation of the new Constitution & the coming 2013 elections.
I should know better given that my commitment for a new Kenya lies in my being part to negotiating the National Accord leading to a coalition government; the end of post-election violence; & a new Constitution; I was at Naivasha where I took a lead in the referendum & have been at the forefront of laws for devolution to take root & as your president I want to anchor the Constitution in our souls. I have personally walked through all the processes of leading to the new Constitution & understood it as the basis of creating an environment for Kenyans to progress & nothing will be left to chance in ensuring this process goes through & that devolution is not misguided into a tool for ethnic cleansing
The discovery of oil, coal & natural gas should embolden Kenyans to start thinking about the kind of leadership the country should have for prosperity to be realised. I have no doubt in my mind about this responsibility & the answer is to be faithful in implementing the Constitution & ensure resources are used to the benefit of all. I want to be that president who ensures that in Africa’s minerals are not a curse but a blessing.
Various constitutional commissions as required by the law are now engaged in a structured review of the way we have done things. It is not about kick-stating the process & neither is it an individual’s crusade as you cannot own what belongs to all of us. Commitment to implement the Constitution has been marked by the progressive change made in the Judiciary that has seen it make landmark decisions against impunity & even the Executive is no longer safe in the decisions made if they fail the constitutional test. The jinx about police reforms has been unlocked. These progressive changes are going to make it very costly for anyone to engage in vices such as corruption.
As a government we are committed to the rule of law & I would like to allay fears that elections will be postponed from March 4th & that the Kenyan Diaspora will be denied the right to vote. IEBC is rationalising the “progressive” wording in the Constitution by first ensuring the Diaspora participate in the presidential vote. Anyone entertaining that idea (postponement) can only be plotting to rapture our country.
Later on in the day I represented our government at the South-South Awards Gala at which President Michael Sata of Zambia, (the newly elected AU Commission Chairperson) Dr. N Zuma & former Nigerian President Oleshegun Obasanjo were honoured for various achievements.
Wishing you all well.

Mudavadi`s message from the US where he accompanied President Kibaki on an official tour comes in a wake of rumours in the Capital,Nairobi showing that he has settled on the former Cabinet Minister Mutahi Kagwe as his running mate in next year`s General election.We  at the Daily News Kenya will keep you posted on this development as it unfolds.

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