Friday, 21 September 2012

Miguna tore into his competitors as he announces his bid for Nairobi County Governorship

Miguna:To vie as an Independent candidate.

Kidero:Also wants the seat
Former aide to Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Mr.Miguna Miguna has declared his candidacy on an Independent party and tore to his competitors for the seat describing them as corrupt and looters.
In an interview with a former International Journalist Jeff Koinange now hosting a daily night show called Capital Talk at the K24 Television station on the night of Thursday, September 20,Miguna said that his competitors have never held elective posts in the country only being employed and left a negative track record in whatever companies or institutions they served in.
He said that he was a SONU student leader at the University of Nairobi a post he was elected for after displaying excellent leadership qualities and practised law for 15 years in Canada before he came back home in 2007.
The former Odinga ally who has published a book called Peeling back the Mask that contains secrets of the life of Odinga fell out with the Prime Minister and has been having resistance as he tours different parts of the country popularising it save for Central and Eastern parts of Kenya where he has been received well.
Miguna added in the interview that he has no money for campaign but will rely more on the votes from the University and College students whom he will launch an aggressive campaign to ensure that they register in big numbers.
``Those people who are vying are boasting that they have billions, can you please ask them how they acquired that huge amount of money. Does the amount they have consemurate with their pay?``,asked Miguna during the show.
He said that if the elections are not handled well, Kenya might turn up to be like Colombia where he claimed that the country is run by mafias who have looted the country and use the same resources they have grabbed to campaign and acquire leadership through it.
Already former Mumias Sugar Company Chief Executive Officer Dr.Evans Kidero has declared his interest for the seat alongside former Clerk of the Nairobi City Council Mr.Philip Kisia and Embakasi MP Mr.Ferdinand Waititu though political pundits in the capital, Nairobi have rated Kidero as the frontrunner if elections were to be held today.

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