Thursday 6 September 2012

war of words between Ex-Govt.Spokesman Kenya Mutua and rival intensifies

Alfred Mutua
Mutua Katuku
Former Kenyan government spokesman Alfred Mutua who resigned from office to contest for Machakos County governorship has come under scathing attack from his rival for claiming that he helped him secure a Ministerial job in President Mwai Kibaki`s first term in office.
Mutua had this week claimed that he personally talked to President Kibaki and then head of Civil Service Ambassador Francis Muthaura to have former Mwala Member of Parliament and Water Minister Mr Mutua Katuku appointed in Government.
The former Government spokesman regretted that Katuku had done little to improve the lives of his constituent and yet he was eying a Governor seat in Machakos.
Mutua was a Government spokesman for nearly eight years .
We below present you with his Mutua`s resignation speech and SMS Mutua Katuku send denying that Ex-Government spokesman helped him to secure a Ministerial job:

1.Alfred Mutua words:Last week I held a meeting with His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki and we discussed my resignation and subsequent candidacy for, Governor Machakos County. oday, I resign as the first Government Spokesperson of the Republic of Kenya. I have engaged for over eight years of service at a time when Kenya has undergone tremendous changes and faced many experiences.

The people of Machakos have requested me to be their first Governor because they want someone who is young, corrupt free, energetic, visionary and with the ability to transform the County into an economic and social power house. I have humbly accepted their request.

Today is my last day in office. I thank all those who have supported me in my tenure in office, especially President Kibaki, Vice President Stephen - Kalonzo Musyoka, Prime Minister - Raila Odinga and my good friend Amb. Muthaura among others.

In the campaign period, I call upon all politicians to preach peace and national cohesion. I also request the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to enforce the Elections Act to the letter so as to rid our country off impunity and bad leadership. We are a poor country but sitting on riches. Our people and our land is rich beyond measure. We only need to harness and direct this wealth so that it can mature our people prosperously and free them from poverty.

As I leave office, I have learned a lot and have kept a lot of notes. I am currently working on a book, “Shooting the Messenger.” I will however not be peeling any masks but will reveal the truth about what has been happening in Kenya. I wish to thank the media for their support during my tenure.

I have decided that the most important and powerful party in Machakos and soon in the whole country is WIPER DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT PARTY. That is the party I am going for my bid as the first Governor of Machakos County.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EBS

2.Mutua Katuku words:Former Government Spokesman Mr.Alfred Mutua while addressing people at Wamunyu market in Mwala yesterday,claimed that he is the one who asked President Kibaki appoint me (Hon Katuku) to the cabinet.That is not true and he should not drag my name in to his baseless claims.If he was so powerful as he claims,why did he not use his powers to initiate development in Ukambani?The guy should stop fooling Machakos people and should focus on issue oriented campaign.
He should also tell us why he misled the Government that there were no people dying of hunger while his kinsmen were actually suffering and dying in Turkana and Ukambani.Why is he contesting in Machakos and not his Makueni his home county.
Advice him to keep safely the political life saving jacket which he was given by Hon.Mutula which he needs if he will be facing me in Wiper Democratic party nominations.

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