Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Why Kinuthia Mbugua deserves Nakuru County Governorship

Kinuthia Mbugua:Aspiring for Nakuru County Governorship

By James Onyango
The entry of former Administration Police Commandant Kinuthia Mbugua into politics has been described as one of the most clever moves that will among other issues ensure experienced people take charge of affairs in the coming government.
Mr Mbugua has officially announced his bid for the Nakuru County governorship. His entry into the politics has left a huge gap in the force and government that he has served for more than 35 years.
Many, especially from Nakuru County believe Mr Mbugua is the best choice for the seat.
“They are decided for now. All he needs is to nominate a running mate from another tribe for instance Kalenjin, Luo, Luyhia or Kisii and he will have a smooth sailing,” said a senior politician from the region who is well versed with the politics of Nakuru.
Mbugua had made his intentions to join politics and it was no secret to many and all that was halting his foray into politics was the fact that he was in Government.
He is the most experienced man to lead the area. The area is cosmopolitan as it has many tribes. Being a former police officer, he knows how to manage issues and especially those to do with peace and stability.
The county has been shaky ever since as it experiences several clashes every after general election. With him as the governor, many believe he will stabilize the situation.
He has been holding meetings with stakeholders selling his agenda.
Following the Elections Act that stated that Civil Servants that had political ambitions have to leave office seven months before an impending General Election, he had no option but to leave office.
He is expected to battle it out with Naivasha MP John Mututho and Nakuru Town MP Lee Kinyanjui.
Politicians aspiring for seats of governor including Mbugua in Nakuru county have recently stepped up their campaigns in Naivasha constituency, which is believed to hold the swing vote.
The largely cosmopolitan constituency has the second highest number of registered voters in the county, after Nakuru town, and is also attractive for its usually high voter turnout.
Citing Naivasha, which has the largest number of horticultural farms, Mbugua said with value addition of products such as milk the county is in a better  position to become the wealthiest.
But he noted that this would depend on the kind of leaders elected to head the local county government.
Mbugua says he is ready to lead the area with professionalism and caution.
“I offer myself for the seat and believe I am the best. I am ready to be tested.”
Although his campaign has not gone full throttle, Mr Mbugua is well versed in the county’s matters and seems to be biding his time knowing he has an advantage over his competitors.
He has however held a series of meetings in the area to drum support for the bid. He is yet to decide which party he will seek the seat on.
Mbugua said he is shopping for the party and announce to his people as soon as he is through with consultations.

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