Friday 14 September 2012

Kenya Police Statement on anti-terrorism operation in Eastleigh


This morning Police an anti-terrorism operation raided a premise on 4th Street, Eastleigh in Nairobi and recovered the following items:

-       4 suicide bomb vests primed with up to 40kgs of explosives ready for detonation
-       2 improvised explosive devices
-       12 hand grenades
-       4 AK-47 rifles
-       16 magazines and
-       480 rounds of 7.62mm special ammunition.

The following persons were arrested:

1.    Abdulmajid Yassin Mohamed aged 26 years and believed to be a Kenyan

2.    Suleiman Abdi Aden aged 24 years and believed to be a Somali.

Police are also looking for 8 more suspects believed to be the accomplices of the two arrested persons. Surveillance photographs of four of the suspects whose identity is yet to be established are attached to this statement and labeled suspect 1-4 for public information.

The Commissioner of Police is asking all members of public to be extra vigilant and to give information to the nearest police officer if any of the suspects is sighted. Persons with any information in respect of the arrested person or their accomplices including information on their movements, places of residents or any other known business or occupation are also encouraged to offer the same to police officers or other government agencies for necessary action.

Kiraithe E.K.

14th September, 2012

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