Thursday, 6 September 2012

GOtv announces 29% price drop during CCK roadshow

Press Release
September 6, 2012
GOtv, Kenya’s leading pay television service, has today announced a special price offer in support of the Communication Commission of Kenya-led digital migration road show set to tour various parts of Nairobi beginning tomorrow.
Following this price reduction, a GOtv decoder only will now retail at KES 2199.00 which represents a 29% drop from the previous price. This offer also follows the recent reduction in the monthly subscription to KES 599.00 per month, up from KES 720.00.
The move is aimed at enabling the majority of Kenyans access quality entertainment and information on the digital platform. The offer will be valid for the period of the CCK led road show.
It also part of GOtv’s ongoing first anniversary celebrations to ensure Kenyans enjoy access to digital entertainment. The CCK-led road show is meant to educate Kenyans on the benefits of digital migration.
“Our aim is to deliver great digital television entertainment on the advanced DVB-T2 network using our exciting one-year old brand which is offering an affordable digital pay television service with exciting local and international channels in great picture and sound quality at a price that everyone can afford,” said GOtv General Manager, Mr Felix Kyengo.
Recently, GOtv slashed the price of its decoders and monthly subscription after the Kenyan Government waived duty from decoders to make them more affordable.
“With this kind of pricing, GOtv has perfectly positioned itself as a leader in the digital
arena and thus, will play a pivotal role towards accelerating Kenya’s digital migration
process by end of 2012.” Kyengo concluded.Kenyans are currently enjoying an enhanced television viewing experience, thanks to the affordable MultiChoice mass market pay TV, GOtv.
Launched late last year, GOtv uses the next generation Digital Video Broadcast standard - DVB-T2 has ensured that Kenyans benefit from easy access to an increased number of channels, with enhanced picture and sound quality synonymous with digital television at a price they can afford.
About GOtv
GOtv is a new pay television service, which caters for all television households in Kenya. It offers subscribers both local and international channels and is being launched by the KBC and MultiChoice Kenya to ensure that the great affordable digital TV is accessible to everyone.
About DTT
DTT stands for Digital Terrestrial Television (or Transmission). It refers to the broadcasting of terrestrial television in a digital format. Currently, terrestrial broadcasting in most African countries is in an analogue format. Most countries are in the process of planning and implementing the migration from analogue to digital television.
Terrestrial television uses a network of transmission towers to relay the signal across the country. Each transmission tower has a specific area of coverage, and it is the network of coverage that provides television signals across the country. The broadcast signal is sent to the various towers and if you are within the area covered by a tower, then you will be able to receive the broadcast services via a terrestrial aerial which is usually placed on your roof or on your television set (depending on how strong the signal that you are receiving is).

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