Saturday, 15 September 2012

Maina Njenga told to stop imposing himsefl as Mkenya Solidarity party leader

Mkenya Solidarity Movement leaders during the press conference to disown Maina Njenga as its leader in Nairobi.
A Political party in Kenya Called Mkenya Solidarity Movement has disowned former Mungiki leader Mr.Maina Njenga as its leader and warned him to stop trading with the party`s name.
Njenga (l) with party leader G.G.Kariuki
Njenga together with PM Raila
At a press conference in Nairobi on Saturday, September 15 party leaders led by the Chairman Mr.Watson Simiyu and Secretary General Ms Joyce Mwambingu the leaders claimed that Njenga has been going around using the party name and branding himself as a party leader and yet he was not even a member of the party.
In the recent their has been silent war pitting the party leader G.G.Kariuki and Njenga over who is the leader of the party which has found coverage in some section of the mainstream media in Kenya.
Njenga`s elder brother Mr.Peter Njoroge Kamunya is the treasurer of the party but was not present at the conference.
They added in the statement that Njenga has started cutting deals with other political parties without their knowledge and warned him that he will soon find himself behind bars for impersonation.
Njenga with KANU Chairman Gideon Moi (r)
Njenga installs PM Odinga as a leader
Last week Njenga accompanied Prime Minister Mr.Raila Odinga to Kangema where they campaigned for the Mkenya solidarity Movement party candidate for the by-election of  the seat which was left vacant following the death of the then area MP and respected Cabinet Minister Mr.John Njoroge Michuki.The party`s candidate for the by-election to be held this Monday is John Gathogo.
They vehemently denied that their party is in any pact with any political party in Kenya to work together and if that will happen proper negotiations have to be done.
In the statement they named the following people as duly registered officials of the party.
1.Godfrey Gitahi Kariuki-National Party Leader
2.Watson Simiyu Wekesa-National Chairman
3.Said Suleiman Mraja-National 1st Vice-Chairman.
4.Elizabeth Romero-National 2nd Vice-Chairman
5.Joyce Mwambingu-National Secretary General.
6.Peter Njoroge Kamunya (Njenga`s brother)-National Treasurer.
7.John Abok-National Youth Co-Ordinator.
8.Margaret Gikonyo-National Women Leader

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