Thursday, 20 September 2012

KLGWU to join Teachers strike

By George Millah

Nairobi staff branch of Kenya local government workers union led by Secretary Mr. Festus Ngari is angered and disappointed by the continued stalemate of strikes stating that it is the government and leadership of this country that should be at the forefront of providing solutions to its citizens.

Speaking at their Nairobi offices while addressing the press flanked by branch officials Mr. Ngari said it’s exactly three weeks down the line since children continue to suffer both the impact and the incidence of the teachers strike that seems to have no end as the parties expected to come up with solutions seem suddenly to run out.

“This is definitely going to affect not only the state of the nation and the economy but will forever linger in the minds of the young brains of our children till the end of their times,” said Ngari.

He also stated that as leaders in their own rights representing workers in local authority and recognizing further that they are also parents of the young children and also stakeholders in this great nation they do observe that the importance of social dialogue in resolving industrial disputes is of paramount importance.

“Let’s always give a dialogue a chance in resolving any misconceptions that may arise and be reasonable in our demands,” Added Ngari.

They also further stated that creation of the remuneration committee by the constitution does not in any way stop any two parties from engaging if only to improve the welfare of its members.

“The government should not take advantage that creation of remuneration committee will somehow slow implementations.” Said Bernard Inyangala.

However they do support the on going strike to the tilt as they recommend that return to work formula should be found so that none of the parties will be victimized at the same time government should quickly come to the table with an offer similar to what it has done to the permanent secretaries and the deduction from workers in form of any way be it National Hospital Insurance Fund should be done with a lot of stakeholders to the next level.

“We are solidly behind teachers until the government meets their demand very soon or else we are going to call a nation wide strike exactly after seven days after the expiry of this notice, asserted Ngari.

Meanwhile talks between the teachers unions and government have collapsed as protesting educators remain persistent and unflinching KNUT Chairman Wilson Sossion accusing the government of sterile intimidation tactics and urging teachers to stay put until their demands are met in full noting they will only be advised otherwise after the treasury Allocates funds and outlines how the allowances and basic pay increment will be paid.

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