Thursday, 20 September 2012

Katoo Ole Metito is the new Minister for Internal Security

Ole Metito:Powerful Security Ministry

Namwamba:Sports Minister
Following the death of the Internal Security Minister Prof.George Saitoti and his Deputy Joshua Orwa Ojodeh in a helicopter crash in June in Kibiko area of his Kajiado North Constituency, President Kibaki in consultations with his co-Principal in the coalition Government Mr.Raila Odinga effected a mini-reshuffle in the Kenyan Cabinet on Thursday, September.
The youthful Kajiado South Member of Parliament Katoo Ole Metito who until Thursday, September 20 was an Assistant Minister for Regional Development has been elevated to a full minister in charge of the lucrative Internal Security, which was held by the Late Prof.George Saitoti.
Another beneficiary in the mini-reshuffle is Odinga`s die-hard supporter Budalangi MP Mr.Ababu Namwamba who now becomes the Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports.
Below is the full list of the Cabinet Appointments as send to the media by the Presidential Press.
President Mwai Kibaki has made the following changes in Cabinet, following consultations with Prime Minister Raila Odinga

1. Hon. Katoo Ole Metito – from Assistant Minister, Ministry of Regional
Development Authority to Minister for Provincial Administration and Internal Security
2. Hon. Ababu Nambwamba – Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports
3. Hon. Paul Otuoma – from Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to
Ministry of Local Government
4. Hon. Alfred Khangati – from Assistant Minister, Office of the Prime
Minister to Assistant Minister, Provincial Administration and Internal Security
5. Hon. John Mbadi (New) appointed Assistant Minister, Office of the
Prime Minister
6. Hon. James Gesami – reinstated as Assistant Minister

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