Saturday, 15 September 2012

Kenya flag bearers to receive major boost from EABL sponsorship

Jack Oguda

By Fred Maingi in Nairobi
The winner of the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) could earn  a whooping
KSh10 million(Approximately US  119.048) in prize money after the end
of the season.
KPL chief officer Jack Oguda disclosed this and said that with the current
sponsorship status the league was enjoying this was a figure that was
appropriate for a Kenyan club champion.
  KPL has now changed its name to Tusker Premier League(TPL) following
the recent partnership  with East Africa Breweries Limited(EABL)
 He said the recent partnership will drive the League  to another
great level similar to the English Premier League.He  said TPL
Chairmen will be meeting in the next two weeks to review the prize
money adding that  it could go up depending on what they agree.
   The KPL boss said team’s representing the country  were finding
themselves with huge financial obligations particularly when they
qualified to play in the African Champions League.
“Preparing and flying out a team of over 20 to another African country
to play is so expensive. A substantial prize money will help the club
in addition to giving the league contestants a huge incentive to win
the Kenyan title,” Oguda said.
  As matters stand now, winning the top football league in the country
earns a club KSh3.5 million broken down as follows: Sh1.5 million as
outright prize money; Sh1.5 million to fund their Champions League
budget; and Sh0.5 million as part of the league’s ranking payment
Last week the KPL received a major boost when Tusker bought title
rights to the league for a massive KSh170 million for three years.
  Tusker FC are the current KPL Champions  but their title campaign is
facing stiff challenge from table leaders AFC Leopards  and Gor Mahia.

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