Sunday, 8 July 2012

Somali ``Regional Presidents`` warn of new clan war in Somalia

Udubland President Ibrahim Abdullahi Addo (left) and Green Valley State of Somalia President Ali Mohamed Ibrahim during the conference in Nairobi.
A security guard screens worshipers at the Nairobi Pentecostal Church,Valley during today Sunday service.

 Security was tight at the biggest Anglican Church in Kenya,All Saints Cathedral during today`s service.

A security officer screens worshipers at the All Saints Cathedral,Nairobi

Somali “Regional Presidents” warn of new clan war in Somalia
 By our Reporter in Nairobi

Somalia is faced with a new wave of crime if the International Community does not involve all groups in the management of the lawless country after the Al-Shabaab will have been routed out.

Giving the warning, two Presidents of semi-autonomous regions President Ibrahim Abdullahi Addo of Udubland state of Somalia and President Ali Mohamed Ibrahim of Green Valley state of Somalia said that the root cause of their problem was not  Al-Shabaab but clan problem and it is time all clans and groups in the country are involved in chatting the way forward for the country which has seen no peace for the last 21 years.

Speaking in Nairobi on Sunday July 08 the two who were flanked by other leaders from their regions said that they appreciated a recent  Inter-Governmental Authorities on Development (IGAD) meeting on Somalia which was held in Karen, Nairobi recently but regretted the meeting left out other groups and regions like theirs saying that this kind of exercise may bring trouble in the near future.

President Addo said that all clans needs to be involved in all matters affecting Somalia and even in the formation of the new Government must have an all clan inclusive representation or else rebellion will emerge in that country and solving it will be a big headache to the Somalis themselves and the International community.

They also condemned the recent attacks by the gang on Churches in Carissa town, Kenya which they described it as being done by people with satanic values. The two Somali regional Presidents also supported the ongoing war against Al-Shabaab  coordinated by the Africa Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) which brings together troops from Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti, Sierra Leone and Kenya.

Security  was tightened at the entrance to  Kenyan Churches to prevent an attack from the Al-Shabaab as it happened last week Sunday when they attacked two Churches in Garissa killing two people and injuring about 60.

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