Tuesday 3 July 2012

Scores nabbed in crackdown on Aliens in Garissa

Deputy Police Spokesman Charles Owino


Scores Nabbed in Crackdown on Aliens in Garissa

A number of people mainly aliens without proper papers have been arrested in the Provincial capital of Garrisa since a terrorist attack on Sunday, July 01.

National deputy police spokesman   Mr, Charles Owino said the operations were arrested following intelligence reports the suspects could be having a link to the latest incidents of insecurity in the area.

“The attacks witnessed there could be out of people taking advantage of the situation to terrorise innocent locals,” said Owino.

Speaking on a local Television station K24 during a capital talk show hosted by a former International Journalist Mr. Jeff Koinange on the night of Monday, July 03 Mr. Owino who is a Senior Superintendent of Police said that the regular attacks in Kenya`s Northern part should not be seen as failure by the country`s security apparatus to control crimes but a global terrorist threat which can befall any country in the world.

``We need to ask ourselves why is this happening? Is it because our troops are in Somalia fighting Al-Shabaab and nearly crippling their life support in Kismayu or are their sympathizers among the Somali in the country sympathetic with the Somalis of Somali origin?, posed Owino during the interview that lasted for almost 30 minutes.

The Deputy Police Spokesman called on the people of North Eastern who majority of them are Somali`s of Kenyan origin to stop being too enclosed and co-operate with the Police in giving information to people they perceive to be criminals in order to help in safeguarding the economically tiger East African nation whose last week`s   Sunday twin attack in two Churches left 17 people dead and scores injured by people highly believed to be Al-Shabaab adherents.

He at the same time called upon the media to be at the forefront in educating members of the public on why they should co-operate with the Police whom he added are now alongside the National Security Intelligence Service unit (NSIS), Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Ant-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) profiling all people entering the country with a view of ascertaining their identity and this he said could help in reducing the terrorism acts maintaining that Kenya is still a safe place to stay.

On Monday a high powered delegation of Kenyan Government led by the Prime Minister Mr.Raila Odinga,Vice-President Mr.Kalonzo Musyoka and Police Commissioner visited Garrisa town where they said that the Kenyan Government will not pullout her troops from Somali until they wipe Al-Shabaab completely whom they said were a threat to Kenya and the whole world.

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