Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Peace Man:Bernard Momanyi

Peace Man
Our Peace Man guest today is Bernard Momanyi who is a Pioneer crime radio Journalist and currently a Senior Crime reporter at the Capital F.M. Nairobi, which is the oldest F.M.station in the country. Momanyi is a Peace man and helped in publicizing a former street boy James Kangethe ``Tete`` popularly known as Bonoko of a local Ghetto radio through the coverage he covered in 2008 when Kenya Police are alleged to have shot a suspected thug in Ngara area and after he recorded him and broadcast his voice on the radio ``Bonoko`` became so famous that even musicians started using his voice on remix.

``Bonoko`` is a Kenyan street language name meaning a fake gun. Momanyi`s advice to Kenyans is to shun tribalism and work hard.

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