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Letter from Kenya:My words with Francis Mwongela

Letter from Kenya:My Words with Francis Mwongela

 Hoodwinking poor Masses into the Murk of International Politics
July 11th every year the world marks its population day. I read with lots of disbelief in major publications of what governments and some non governmental organizations think about families. Little is known about the Planned Parenthood.

I would liken this movement to the proverbial dinosaur with a huge body and a small head meaning it has little information. That probably is why Melinda gates needs information on facts of what she stands up to and know what the world needs is justice and not contraceptives.  Masses are hoodwinked into this beast by the media, scores of malicious and unscrupulous business persons, ignorant elites and misinformed governments to destroy human lives.

This to majority is the cry whose wiping of tears is predictable as the world moves to meet the cold facts in the effects of their self styled ant life philosophy.  This is the tale of Greek mythology Pandora box whose opening against the will of gods by a one Margaret Sanger has released unspeakable violence to human life in the world whose effects the blind can see. In this line of thought are found two women in history who made practical the eugenic philosophy: Margaret Sanger (in America) & Marie Stopes in Britain).

SANGER (1883-1966): MOST INFLUENTIAL BIRTH CONTROLER; she founded – American National Birth Control League in 1914, (together with Marie Stopes) was founder president of IPPF (1952), Baptized eugenics into “BIRTH CONTROL” and established  the “Birth Control Review” to champion Birth Control philosophy – “eradication of the unfit” – this is the mind at the heart of eugenics

The herring of Planned Parenthood is an affiliate of the international Planned Parenthood federation one of the world’s largest anti life movements. It lobbies for the prochoice dictums and legislations of sex education, provision of the contraceptive services, and abortions in the guise of reproductive health care. The movement is accredited to Margret Sanger’s opening of the first birth control clinics in New York and foundation of such in 1921.

Sanger was however jailed for the move of the birth control clinic for it was against family values. In its earlier beginnings in the united states it was euphemized as a charity organization and rated as the seventh best charity organization proving ‘death services’ to more than four million Americans and scores others worldwide. They organized demonstration as a propaganda move to lure Americans into the call for birth control.

Their main aim being to provide services to prevent unwanted pregnancies, improve the quality of reproductive health care and ensure access to legal abortions all in support of family planning. In themselves these objectives sound neutral and convincing as an ideal path we all ought to follow. A closer scrutiny reveals the philosophy of malthusianists for a ‘leaner and cleaner’ generation.

Contrary to the Christian teaching on the preciousness of the gift of human life with God as the sole authority on it, it beats logic when behind the theories of it, poverty and physical fitness sometimes is used to dictate who should or not be born into the world. Family planning is a noble idea but if it has to be moral and if for any reason if one has to avoid pregnancy, natural family planning is the way.

In the United States, from 1970’s hitherto, Planned Parenthood has received federal funding when the then president Nixon accented the family planning services and population research into law and no American woman was denied access to such services whatsoever.
The ideas and logic of the IPPF is contrary to the sanctity of human life. The church has put forward arguments why the morality of the actions and ideas propagated by such organizations can be put into question.

“It is I who bring both death and life” (Dt.32:39; cf.2Kgs. 5:7; 1Sm.2:6). Therefore when man usurps this power, he inevitably uses it for injustice and death, thus the life of the person who is weak is put into the hands of the one who strong, in society the sense of moral justice is lost.
From the moment of its conception life must be guarded with the greatest care, while abortion and infanticide are unspeakable crimes”. But then what is abortion? Abortion is the intentional or unintentional expulsion of the pre born child at any time after fertilization and before the natural birth process is completed.

That planned parenthood is in the mix of the abortion debate in the world and in fact the largest provider of abortions in the United States, for instance in 2009, it performed 332,278 abortions from which it derived its 15% revenue of about $164,154,000! To make the matters its contraceptive services does prevent 612,000 ‘unintended pregnancies’ and 291,000 abortions annually.

Their argument is that the use of contraceptives and abortifacients reduce the need for abortions. This skewed argument misleads the masses. Through the Planned Parenthood, Sanger teamed up with the proponents of eugenics in 1920s although she was an antagonist to their dictums. She was firm that birth control, sterilization and abortion should be voluntary and not based on race.

Mefeels and this; but whose choice is it? Do the poor decide freely and knowingly that they are too many in the world? Do they freely and knowingly choose to reduce their numbers for the sake of the rest of mankind and posterity especially the bourgeoisie society? In any case, can the poor ever make the right decision for themselves; esp. pertaining to their reproduction reduction in the world? Do they ever have the right decisions for themselves anyway? Can the world ever join in the move that any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want? That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.
The writer is a Media Consultant and Journalism Lecturer in Nairobi.

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