Thursday 5 July 2012

Know your MPS:Marsabit County

Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton,MP Laisamis
Moyale MP:Mohamud Ali

 Saku MP:Hussein Sasura

Know your MPS: Marsabit County
Marsabit County is located in Northern part of Kenya and it borders Turkana to the West, Wajir to the East, Isiolo to the South and the Republic of Ethiopia to the North.
Marsabit county is inhabited by the Nilotic Samburu and Turkana as well as the Cushitic-speaking Gabbra, Burji, Borana and Rendile.It is also home to a few Somalis and Meru people majority of them being traders and migrants.
The County has 4 Constituencies namely Saku,North Horr,Moyale and Laisamis.

Saku Constituency is represented in Parliament by Hussein Tarry Sasura who is quiet even in Parliament and his constituent have complained on several times of not hearing of him at the National level. His name appears on the Parliament website but nothing is visible on his profile.

 2.North Horr
The biggest constituency in Kenya  is represented in the National Parliament by Mr. Francis Gachu Ganya since 2007 General election. He is a frequent contributor in Parliament where for the last six months he has spoken for a record 106 times
He was born in 1970

Mohamud Ali Mohamed is the Member of Parliament for Moyale and he is a 1997 graduate of Nairobi University with Hons in building economics and Management .He schooled for his Secondary Education at the popular Starehe boys center.
He once worked at the Ministry of works as a Quantity surveyor and in his profile travelling and swimming are his hobbies. He has an interest in areas of construction and Industry.
His message to Kenyans is ``Must unite``.

Born on February 11,1963 Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton is the Member of Parliament for Laisamis on a former ruling party KANU once headed by former Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi.

He comes from the village of Karare. In his early twenties, Lekuton left for America to study Government, Economics and History at  St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. He taught at The Langley School in McLean Virginia McLean, before leaving for Harvard University Harvard University where he earned a Masters degree in International Education policy. Lekuton is a prolific writer and a gifted public speaker. His book Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai in the African Savanna was published by the  National Geographic.
His book is about his life as a Masaai child up until the point of him graduating college.
Over the years Lekuton has sought to improve the education standards among his nomadic community believing that this is the surest way to upward social mobility. Through Nomadic Kenyan Children Education Fund ( and the Boma Fund Inc and number of Kenyan children have a descent shot at better life through education. For his hard work and tireless efforts Lekuton was recognized by the Kenyan government - he is the youngest recipient of the presidential honor.
Tomorrow we will be looking at Meru County

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