Saturday, 14 July 2012

Kenyans views on Miguna Miguna book launch

The long awaited and much publicized book by former aide to Kenyan Prime Minister Mr.Raila Odinga,Miguna Miguna called Peeling back the Mask was launched on Saturday,July 14  at a Nairobi hotel and graced by former local Member of Parliament Mr.Paul Muite.In the book there are some revelations on the private life of  Odinga.

We assigned our reporter Harrison Omayio below to interview people at the Kenyan,Capital in Nairobi to find out what people think about the book.

Harrison Omayio

1.Joseph Kingara,Businessman Nairobi
Miguna Miguna is  acting out of  rage and what he should have done was to solve his differences with his former boss amicably but not rushing to the media or using his published book  to expose the Prime Minister weakness side.

2.Kerubo Aika resident Umoja suburb
This man cannot be trusted and the PrimeMinsiter should consider suing him because he was not working for him with a good heart as what is emerging from his book it is like he was spying on him.I think if Odinga did anything wrong Miguna should take the blame of misleading as a lot of time he was using on taking notes of his book and not working for the PM and the Government.

3.John Odoli,Resident Nairobi.
Miguna is writing the book out of anger,because it does not hold any  truth be it  political or social but  it is driven by emotions.I believe that all in the book is total lies.
Miguna`s book

Book`s Publisher Miguna Miguna

Johnstonne Muthumbi Nyawira
4.Jackline Muhele, Customer Care office,Nairobi College.
What Miguna  wrote cannot be trusted because those are mere allegations not the truth.He is being  used by the political rivals  of the Prime Minister Odinga.What I can advice Miguna is to keep off from personal lives of other people.
5.Johnstonne Muthumbi Nyawira,Media Practitioner
Miguna Miguna's book offer's Raila a chance to tell Kenyans who the real man he is s by responding to the issues raised in the book.

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