Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kenya Police display fake ``Felicien Kabuga``

Daniel Muthee:I am not Kabuga

Kiraithe:Accompanied Muthee to press conference

Shocked Muthee:His lawyer to sue TV station

Muthee`s property

Kenya Police display fake ``Felicien Kabuga``
By Our Reporter

Kenyan Police on Thursday, July 12 displayed to the press an alleged ``Felicien Kabuga`` man at the Provincial Police headquarters, Nairobi.

A shocked Daniel Muthee Ngera who is a businessman in Isiolo County was accompanied to the display press conference by his family among them his wife and Lawyer Mwangi Kariuki and denied that he is not the Rwandan fugitive Felicien Kabuga.

The 58 years old trader said that he has never been in Rwanda or outside Kenya and the furthest he has been is in Kisumu City which is approximately 400 Kilometers from the Capital, Nairobi.

A local Television station aired a series of report on the where bout of Kabuga where they published pictures of Ngera alleging that he is the Rwandese man on the run and whom the US Government has placed a bounty of Shs 400 Million on his head over his involvement in funding militia in Rwanda where close to I Million people were killed in the civil war in 1994.

His lawyer, Kariuki said that they will be taking a legal action against the Television which aired the report while Police Spokesman, Kiraithe asked the media to be objective when reporting.

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