Wednesday 18 July 2012

Kenya Football Executive suspended over alleged corruption


By  Austin Onditi
FKF Boss,Nyamweya
Kenya`s Football Governing body, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) on Tuesday, July 17 suspended its Executive Officer Patrick Naggi over alleged loss of 100 footballs that had been donated to the federation.

The Kenyan press as having said in a press statement that the Police have been called in to investigate the shaming matter quoted the federation boss Mr. Sam Nyamweya.

He said that the balls donated never reached the secretariat terming the incident very serious, which require Police investigation and arraigning the culprits implicated in the act in Kenyan courts.

Nyamweya was elected in office on the platform of zero tolerance to corruption and has time and again said that he will not condone that vice in the federation he leads as Naggi has vehemently denied that he has never stolen any balls belonging to the Football Kenya Federation (FKF)

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